DEFTONES Looks Back On Legacy Of 'White Pony' Album

Brianne Constantino

Posted at June 19, 2020

Deftones members Chino Moreno, Abe Cunningham and Frank Delgado held a special virtual press conference to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their White Pony album.


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The celebration was attended by media outlets from around the world via Zoom and MYX was one of the lucky participants at the event.

Chino, Abe and Frank strolled down memory lane and recalled just how their third studio offering came to be. Released on June 20, 2000, the 12-track alternative metal album is widely considered by fans and critics as one of their best - if not their best - work.

It has the accolades to back it up as White Pony is Deftones' most commercially successful album to date and its third track "Elite" even won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2001. When we asked them about its legacy and the fact that it still holds up two decades later, Chino shared: "It feels great. I don't think we, you know, would've just automatically assumed that it would [hold up]. We had hopes that what we were doing was something a little different and we were taking a chance, you know, making that record at the time and climate we put it out in so it was definitely taking a chance."

He added: "But I feel like some of the best records, not even Deftones records but just records in general that I've learned to love over the years have always been records that sort of, you don't understand right away or they don't fit that certain mold or when first hearing it takes you a minute to kind of get a clear picture of what it is and I feel like that record always sort of had that quality to it and I really think that that helps, you know to why that record is still sort of, you know, has that importance to it, to us and to a lot of people."

Celebrate 20 years of White Pony by streaming it in full here:

The Sacramento-based rockers are also gearing up for a special listening party to commemorate #WhitePony20. The event is happening on June 23, Tuesday, 9AM Philippine time over at their YouTube channel.

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