6 of Hwasa's Best Clapbacks to Haters

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 18, 2020

Sad to say, some fans couldn't afford the luxury of just focusing on their faves - something we've been waiting for to see. It's like there will always be that moment when fandoms will do everything in their power to validate their idols' superiority above everyone else, then drag the others down. If there's anyone who could perfectly relate to the latter, it's Mamamoo's Hwasa.

The good thing is that she doesn't give a damn about all that. The K-pop songstress refuses to be held back, instead, simply comes for them with the best form of karma: Her most authentic music and milestones. It's best we relive her fiercest clapbacks and do the honor of showing them to the haters, in case they haven't learned their lessons:

1. She redefines beauty. Hwasa once recalled going to an audition and being belittled by the words 'fat' and 'not pretty.' But if not for that moment, she wouldn't have gotten tired of crying and realized this: If she doesn't fit this generation's standard of beauty, then she will set her own. Now, she's the new standard.
















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2. She invented live vocals. We can't count the times Hwasa lipsyncs on stage, because apparently, that never happens. What do you expect? Her vocal prowess is no joke. We can't believe fans even have to compile videos of her - alongside other Mamamoo members - cracking while singing to prove a point that yes, people, she does singing live.

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3. She takes ownership of her body. Hwasa going braless at the aiport became a controversial topic last year and even faced slut-shaming. But, sorry not sorry, nothing you can say can make our grown-up icon conform to your so-called "appropriate" fashion rules. She will wear whatever she wants, revealing or less. Don't even try to test her.
















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4. She wrote and danced to "HIP." Hwasa came striking back and spitting on antis' faces with this 2019 comeback track. Thanks to everyone who provokes her, we got this empowering anthem. Not only that, to anyone saying their voices are only stable because they have easy choreograhies, check out "HIP" then think again.

Courtesy: MAMAMOO 

5. She topped music charts. Upon the release of her solo debut single "Twit," she swiftly took over major South Korean charts and even landed on global charts like iTunes and Billboard - No. 3 on its World Digital Songs chart. Even her collaboration with Dua Lipa, "Physical (Remix)" made waves in iTunes worldwide. That's world domination right there.

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6. She names her first solo album MaríaThe Mamamoo singer has an album dropping on June 29th entitled María. Yep, that same tattoo on her nape and the name that made haters condemn Hwasa for "appropriating Latin culture" when, in fact, it's her actual Christian baptismal name. We hope that they're now aware who's the real problematic one.

At this point, you should know better. Be careful who you mess with and be more careful if it's Hwasa you're messing with. Attack her and expect nothing but a clapback that'll slap hard and definitely put you in place. We love that about her. You do you, queen!

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