These #HijaAko Confessions Prove That There's No Dress Code For Rape

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 16, 2020


*Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Harassment*

Rape is never the victim's fault, and this goes to all genders. More importantly, one's choice of clothing has nothing to do with it. We thought we don't need to make that clearer multiple times especially at this day and age. Yet, it's 2020 already and still, here we are continuously educating people about a matter that we believe should be naturally imprinted on one's common knowledge already. Imagine how tired we are?

It's unfortunate to see that today, sexual assault victims have to go through the length of sharing their traumatic stories to the public to prove a point: That we can wear whatever we want, it's the "beast" in people that disrespect our bodies and ability to give consent. Under the #HijaAko Twitter thread, a movement inspired by Kakie Pangilinan's stand against rape culture, women who have dealt with harassment came together to make their brave confessions.

We'll just leave them in the gallery above with high hopes that they are enough to, once and for all, rest the case.

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