PAUL KLEIN Says He's Not Sure If BTS Is Aware That LANY Exists

Brianne Constantino

Posted at June 15, 2020

VJ Robi Domingo recently got the chance to participate in LANY's Regional Group interview and talked to frontman Paul Klein about the "good guys" music video and the possibility of doing collabs with more international acts.


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Before the interview session began, Paul shared how quarantine life has been treating him. "I just go on like big walks, like, I walk about five miles a day which has been actually really good for me just physically and mentally so I think once quarantine's over, I'm probably gonna go walking to be honest with you."


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On the concept of "good guys" which is currently on the MYX charts, he revealed: "So, we shot that video in Joshua Tree and it was right around the time COVID-19 was kind of ramping up and so I found a director that was willing to make a video but we like had to operate under very strict rules."

Explaining the grueling process of shooting the video: "I slept at his house for like three days. The boys weren't able to join me because of just the virus and they didn't want to like, take any chances. It took two days to shoot that and we would wake up at 5 or 4:45 in the morning and catch the sunrise and then we would go back to sleep during the middle of the day and then wake up around 4:30PM and catch the sunset so that's a lot of sunrise and sunset in that video."


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When asked about possibly doing a collaboration project with South Korean sensations BTS and Blackpink, the "Malibu Nights" singer said he's down with the idea. He also shared that they originally intended for "good guys" to have a female perspective. "I don't know man. Like, you know, we've only done two collabs ever. We had an idea of having a female rewrite the second verse of 'good guys' so there's kind of like a female perspective of it all. We thought that would've been really cool but obviously it didn't pan out."

He continued: "But man, we're open to working with anyone and everyone, obviously and I've met the Blackpink girls, they're incredibly kind and the sweetest people I've ever met."

"I've never met BTS so I don't really know if they know we exist or not. I have no idea," he added. Don't worry about that, Paul! We're pretty sure LANY is on BTS' radar.


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Lastly, Paul went on a little trip down memory lane and shared an endearing story about him and her mother. "Oh man. I argued so much with my mom about piano. Like, that's what's so interesting, you know. It was never cool to play piano and I always had to come inside from playing basketball with my friends and I owe just pretty much all of my success to my mom which is why the album title is an ode to her, you know and Jake and Les would feel the same way about their moms. My mom, just for whatever reason prioritized piano over anything so there wasn't a day I missed a practice. There wasn't a week that I missed a lesson. I would spend my weekends going on road trips and compete in classical piano competitions. That is not cool. Like, that is not cool. It was at the time just so frustrating but now I am beyond thankful. I'm just thankful that she never let me quit."


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