#HijaAko Trends As KAKIE Stands Up To BEN TULFO

Camille Santos

Posted at June 14, 2020

Frankie Pangilinan aka Kakie added her voice to the latest conversation on rape culture.

"STOP TEACHING GIRLS HOW TO DRESS?? TEACH PEOPLE NOT TO RAPE," the eldest daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis Pangilinan said in a tweet in response to a victim-blaming post from a police station in Quezon province.


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Her tweet resonated with a lot of people, especially women. But not with television host Ben Tulfo. The veteran broadcaster gave his two cents on the issue, saying "Hija, a rapist or a juvenile sex offender's desire to commit a crime will always be there. All they need is an opportunity, when to commit the crime. Sexy ladies, careful with the way you dress up! You are inviting the beast."

"Calling me hija will not belittle my point," Kakie responded. "Rape culture is real and a product of this precise line of thinking, where the behavior is normalized, particularly by men," she tweeted, adding that "the way anyone dresses should not be deemed as ‘opportunity’ to sexually assault them. ever."

In a separate tweet, the 19-year-old redefined the term "hija" to "girls who fight for their rights as human beings" and the hashtag #HijaAko started trending on Twitter.

Kakie is nominated for New Artist of the Year and MYX Celebrity VJ of the Year in the MYX Awards 2020. Check out our recent MYXclusive interview with this remarkable girl who has gained praise for not being afraid to voice her opinions:

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