7 K-pop Songs That Bring Us Comfort Right Now

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 11, 2020

With a lot of things going on in each of our lives, it's easy to be drained physically, emotionally, and mentally. Definitely, that's not a good feeling anyone would want to go through everyday. We want to at least get a good night's sleep. But how? Some of you might have tried just about everything to take your mind off things that are bothering you. If you ask us, our advice would be simple.

In the moment that your woes, together with the exhaustion and anxiety they bring, are keeping you up all night, turn to these comforting K-pop songs for guaranteed motivation. They will all hug you to bed even if you aren't a stan.

1. "That's Okay" by EXO's D.O.

Don't hide yourself and face your honest feelings. Listen to this song and you'll be able to confront your battles and tell yourself that it will pass and everything's going to be alright.

2. "everythingoes" by BTS' RM ft. NELL

Let this track give you peace of mind that your hard days will come to an end and, eventually, you'll begin a better one, just like how the night leaves and the morning comes. There's nothing quite like this to cheer us up.

3. "Love Poem" by IU

When you can't cry your pain out loud and want some company, allow this track to the honor of being one. It will serve as a reminder that whatever you are dealing with, you are not going through it alone.

4. "I'm All Ears" by Taeyeon

You've been enduring your worries all by yourself for so long. This song is a lesson to us all that from time to time, we have to open up. Make yourself be seen by someone who's willing to listen.

5. "Breathe" by Lee Hi

After a long tiring day, let out a deep sigh and release your fears and frustrations. This song tells you that no matter how bad you've performed today, you still deserve a pat on the back and hear the words "good job."

6. "Hug" by Seventeen

There ain't a feeling in this world that only you can encounter. One person out there is definitely living through the exact same situation as you. So don't be afraid to show yourself and hold on to the fact that someone understands.

7. "When You Love Someone" by Day6

Whenever we're hurting or feeling helpless, we put this one on repeat and we automatically end up overflowing with love and solace. We think we've already smiled and cried enough, thanks to this song.

Music really does help especially when it speaks close to our lives. Now, if yours is hell tight, our only hope is that the songs on our list are enough to keep your heads up.

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