5 Youths Debunk Misconceptions about LGBTQ+ Relationships

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 10, 2020


In life, you'll meet a lot of know-it-alls. One who's so sure of their opinion, making you feel like yours need not to be heard, and ones who have the instinct to judge you just because they believe that everything that they know is right. These people need to be careful though. In the end, you might find out that what you ought to believe could be wrong.

The LGBTQ community hates to be the victim of those misunderstandings. They are so over the ancient social discrimination and are very much ready to take a stand for acceptance, not only in terms of their gender identities but also with how they choose to love. It's what they deserve. Given that, we took this Pride Month as an opportunity to let LGBTQ+ couples to debunk people's common misconceptions about them.

1. There has to be "girl" and a "guy" in the relationship.

"I say the question that I usually encounter is that 'Sinong lalake sa inyo?' And I always say, 'Wala, parehas kaming babae eh.' I find it funny actually because when it comes to same-sex relationships, like if you're a woman having a romantic relationship with another woman, people automatically think that one of your has to be masculine and the other is the feminine type. Though some gay relationships are like that, sometimes to others it is simply between two people, sharing the same gender and deep love for one another." -Jammy, 25

2. It's all about satisfying sexual desires.

"I've been in a relationship with a guy for almost 4 years now. Life living together is very exciting, fulfilling but also challenging since this kind of relationship in a Catholic country is difficult to handle for some conservative people, the 'Traditionals.' But I accept the challenge... Now that the world is in war with racism and a long foretold story of gender equality, I should not remain silent about this or be crippled by these circumstances... If I were to be given a chance to make my voice be heard or just simply show our life (as an LGBT with a partner), I will use this chance to be a good example that love and faith in God is the center of everything. Not lust and sexual urges, as what they seem to think it is." -Zin, 24

3. Members of LGBTQ are promiscuous.

"Same sex relationsips can be just as monogamous and chaste as heterosexual relationships. I feel that in any culture and from personal experience, many people tend to think of the LGBT community as liberated people so they associate us with being promiscuous. It's unfortunate to look at it that way as we have a uniqe culture and mindset of our own. All it takes is a little more sympathy and open-mindedness to gain a better understanding of how LGBT society and relationships really work." - Brian, 21

4. They can't have a family.

"Common misconception kasi is hindi daw makakabuo ng family. So malungkot at tatandang dalawa lang, since most couples sa LGBTQ naman is same sex talaga. Pero madami naman ways. Nasabihan na ko niyan, pero deadma lang. Pwede naman kasi mag-adopt, mag pa surrogate, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination,) madaming ways e." -Dhana, 25

5. They have no religion.

"Some say that being in an LGBTQ relationship is immoral and being a non-believer of any religion, because there are religious texts that can be used to condemn homosexuality. Based on our experience, we just simply ignore this kind of treatment and have faith on these religious beliefs that it shouldn't be translated literally or proclaimed as a policy within these times." -Jcy, 23

The reality is that we can't put pressure on everyone to normalize LGBTQ+ couple and give them the approval, no matter how much they're worthy of it. But the point is that, before we speak about them, let's make sure that we are informed, open-minded, and, above all, kind.

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