f(x)'s AMBER Dismisses Racism Accusations & Pregnancy Rumors

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 06, 2020

Amber Liu has addressed the racism accusations and even the pregnancy rumors that have been circulating online.
















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The f(x) member - who's currently joining Black Lives Matter protests in the US - recently shared screenshots of her emails petitioning to charge the police officers linked to the death of George Floyd with first degree murder. This was met with criticism by netizens who said that it's not the appropriate charge and would only lead to their exoneration.

Amber took to social media after getting more flak when her 2019 interview justifying the arrest of another black man for disrespecting an authority also resurfaced. "This is f*cking stupid. If you want the truth, STOP JUDGING THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT. I've been saying for years that I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I truly mean my apologies, and I'm trying to be better. I can't make it anymore clear on where I stand," she posted on Instagram."

"But this? RIGHT NOW? I'm f*cking done being nice, so I'm not gonna waste my time trying to explain anything to you haters targeting me and twisting things to fit YOUR narrative."

Amber added there are bigger issues to focus on instead of telling her to "kill herself." "This is not the time and I am not pregnant so SHUT THE F*CK UP."














Fuck off

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