6 Youth Groups to Get to Know If You Value Activism

6 Youth Groups to Get to Know If You Value Activism

Maan de Vera

Posted at June 05, 2020


Despite the many false notions about the word “activism”, please note that to be an activist only means that you are willing to use vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. Many of the progressive things that we enjoy right now are a product of these efforts of those who came before us.

So, if you want to do your part in building a better future for others, then you might want to connect with these groups. Here are 6 youth organizations to follow if you value activism.

1. Anakbayan

Anakbayan is dubbed as the most comprehensive youth group in the Philippines. It has been vocal to matters such as  jobs, land reform, education, rights, social services and justice. With over 20,000 members in hundreds of chapters nationwide, this group has been behind countless movements since November 30, 1998.

2. Akbayan Youth

Akbayan Youth is the youth wing of Akbayan Citizens’ Action Party, but note that it’s also independent and autonomous. This group is a "democratic socialist and feminist youth movement" that focuses on equality, human rights, and social justice for all, and aims to contribute in catalyzing social change.

3. YouthResist

YouthResist was established at the height of the extrajudicial killings in 2017. It’s purpose is to strive for a just, compassionate, and democratic society - one where the law is not used to suppress dissent, where reformative justice and rehabilitation are emphasized on the basis of human rights, and where the government listens to the people.

4. Kabataan Partylist

Kabataan Partylist is the first and only youth party-list group in Philippine Congress as of today. They are a large network of energized and pro-active young people who are leaders in various organizations, formations, and even barkadas. It believes that the youth should devote its intellect, energy, and courage to building a new society.

5. League of Filipino Students

This group has been proudly fighting imperialism since 1977. The League of Filipino Students. As of today, it's still one of the largest student organizations in the country, continuously taking part in the history of the struggle of the youth and the people. They also have chapters in different colleges, universities and high schools. 

6. National Union of Students in the Philippines

The National Union of Students in the Philippines was founded in 1957 which makes it the longest-existing group for students. Even up until today, it’s the most comprehensive nationwide alliance of student councils, governments, and unions committed to the advancement of the students' democratic rights and welfare.

Just remember that the groups you choose to be affiliated with will help shape you as a person. So, no matter what, don’t submit into blind allegiance to anything. Stay informed. But more importantly, stay brave and keep on fighting for what you know is right.

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