How Filipino Creatives are Protesting Through Their Art

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 08, 2020

Truth is that, Filipinos never run out of things to fight for - rights, freedom and change most of the time. These days, it's about pressing plans of actions from the government as a deadly pandemic continues to sweep through the country and the people's desired result to flatten the curve is still far from being a reality. They've already gone over two months in lockdown hoping to see the nation's efforts come to pass until recently. However, they got an "urgent" bill, that deems to endanger democratic voices, on the table instead.

What impression does it give Filipinos? That their priorities and those in office's are not the same. And they ought to call it out in whatever means - taking it on the streets, signing petitions, or joining online movements. For the Filipino creatives, their craft is doing the part. See how below:

1. Young artist @peachyvermin's main goal is to show that art can serve as a revolutionary act and reaction towards social change and progress. She portrayed it through making her zine available online.

2. This illustration series by Marx Fidel, @marxnotahero on Instagram, is after inciting nationalistic anger and concern from every Filipino who's been vocally active in expressing their thoughts about the issues of other countries.
















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3. No other artwork speaks a lot than this linear piece from @l_ine0. Captions not necessary. If images you can hear do exist, this one would tell you, "Anything you say online can and will be used against you."

4. Animation director @KevinKalbo on Twitter uses comic strips to deliver a strong message of refusing to let fear, much more others' opinions, obscure your need and ability to tell the truth.

5. @malayopangumaga's drawing functions as a wake-up call for us to recognize the questionable circumstances happening - and not happening but should be - around us, then find answers.

6. Ballpoint pen sketch style in short comic form is how visual artist @alumpihitt chose to represent the two-faced situation of the country we're living in today, with a chilling factor and poetic approach.
















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Yep, you don't have to be good speaker and popular influencer to fight for what you believe in. Your artworks have a voice and you shall never let anybody tell you otherwise. Take a stand with it. The world needs it now more than ever.

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