Here's Every Revelation From JAMES REID & NADINE LUSTRE's MYXclusive Interview

Brianne Constantino

Posted at June 02, 2020

June 1, 2020 was definitely a historic day for JaDine fans as James Reid and Nadine Lustre blessed our afternoons with a special MYXclusive interview, streamed live on the MYX Philippines Facebook page.

Although it was their first joint interview since announcing their breakup in January, the two artists were noticeably comfortable with each other as they smiled, laughed, and even sent compliments and sweet messages of support throughout their fun chat with VJs Ai dela Cruz and Samm Alvero.

Aside from talking about their MYX Awards 2020 nominations, the realest tandem generously shared about their quarantine life, current "lock-in" situation together with other Careless artists, opinions on current issues, secret future projects, and more!

We know you missed seeing them together so this one's for you, JaDines! Read on to see the revelations and highlights from our special MYXclusive interview with James and Nadine!

James would love to throw a birthday bash once everything goes back to normal. James turned 27 last May 11 but due to the pandemic, he chose not to celebrate like how he would've wanted to.


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JaDine is thrilled to be nominated at the MYX Awards 2020 for Music Video of the Year and Urban Video of the Year! Nadine, who bagged four major awards at last year's ceremony, admitted that the news didn't really sink in at first when she kept getting messages from her friends about this year's nominations. It was only about a week ago when she truly felt it was real. James is also grateful for being nominated this year, especially since he remembers all the hard work that went into creating those music videos.


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Did you know that JaDine only had a small production team with them when they worked on the music videos for both "Summer" and "Fiend"? For "Summer," they had to take a two-hour hike just to get to the shoot's location and according to co-director Nadine, they had to carry all of the equipment they used up the mountain. As for the cinematic "Fiend," they also worked with a skeleton crew as they only had two of their talented friends—Dominic Bekaert and Clémentine Comoy—to join them in the Bonnie-and-Clyde-themed video.

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James actually wrote "Summer" for Nadine. He also shared that when he writes songs, he usually thinks of Nadine. Aww!

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James has written a new song called "I Know You Care" during quarantine which, according to him, will be released soon! The song was debuted live during an online fundraiser just the night before, and it was a last-minute decision to perform it. James explains that the idea of the track is him talking to himself through difficult times, and sends out a timely and relevant message. He plans to release the song soon!

James and crew are busy working on Nadine's solo album and he revealed it's 70% finished. Plans for Nadine's album were actually revealed during last year's Careless contract signing and James said that the project is something they've been really excited about. Nadine revealed that they've been in a one-week lock-in period together with other Careless artists to focus more on the album and their other projects.

The proud label head also shared that Nadine was able to write at least four additional songs in the album. James didn't want to reveal it at first, but he just couldn't help but be real and honest! Looks like we can expect a 14-track (or more) album from Nadine. Yes!

The quarantine period has become an opportunity for Nadine to dive into her creativity and do things she hasn’t done before. Explaining how she remains productive, Nadine shared, "I actually have more time to just be in my head and just think of things that I've always wanted to do. [Things] that I didn't get to do a couple of years back. There's nothing else to do but to just stay creative and write."


Take my money and run Blue for everyone.

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Nadine refers to herself as a “lola” these days. She revealed that she wakes up as early as 6AM and would doze off at 9PM. We only have one question: How po??


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Nadine did her part in helping COVID-19-affected areas by donating PPEs, masks, and face shields. Nadine's beauty surely radiates not only from the outside but from the inside, too.

She's now also into flower arranging and it's something she's been wanting to do for quite some time now. Aside from that, she's also busy cooking, writing, and playing video games. That's productivity right there!


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Nadine schooled us as well on how to achieve our Instagram feed goals! It's one of the reasons why she has a strong IG following!


However far away I’m breathing for your love

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Speaking of IG, Nadine revealed the meaning of the Japanese characters on her bio: Nozomi Komiya. Nozomi actually means "hope". Apparently, Nadine also means "hope".



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Nadine also revealed that her great-grandfather was Japanese. In fact, her ancestors' last name was originally “Komiya” before it was changed to "Lustre". We're pretty sure this is something only die-hard JaDine fans are aware of!

James was recently appointed as the Department of Agriculture's Ambassador for Food Security. He also shared that he recently started his own company called 'Freshest' which encourages young Filipinos to get into urban farming. LET'S GROOOW!

As for Nadine's advocacies, we all know how passionate she is regarding the battle against climate change and her concern for the enrivonment. Nadine revealed that when she was little, whenever she would see trash on the street, she'd stop to pick it up and throw it in a bin. She still practices that to this day. That's our President Nadine!


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Collectively, they want to use their popularity and influence to raise awareness regarding social issues. James added that they want to be part of the solution and not a distraction.

JaDine also shared their stand on racism not only in the United States but here in our country as well. "All the racism shouldn’t happen in the new normal. We have to let that die in the old normal," James bravely expressed his opinion on the issue.

James called Nadine "one of the strongest women that I know" and our hearts totally melted. He added, "She’s been through a lot. I’ve seen her grow." Aww! Have you ever seen an ex-couple this supportive of one another?

Going back to Nadine's solo album, she confirms that three songs from the upcoming record are about mental health. Nadz says her solo album is based on her personal experiences. James is really excited to have it released. He confidently said of the solo record: "I feel like it’s gonna be the biggest project of the year."

With the "new normal" we're slowly getting accustomed to, James said he's open to the idea of doing an online concert featuring artists from his own record label Careless. He didn't say much about it but we may just have to wait and see.


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If you were wondering how their pet dog “Cal” is doing these days, well, he is with his fur mom Nadine! It almost felt like they didn't know what to answer when asked about their adorable Welsh Corgi. Ultimately, Nadine confirmed that Calcifer is staying with her.

We also noticed their matching necklaces which James lowkey showed off towards the end of the interview after being asked how they want JaDine to be remembered. That's some #TeamReal goodness for y'all.

In the end, JaDine wants their fans to remember them as "the realest". And we don't think anyone would like to think otherwise! Thank you for that fun interview, James and Nadine!

Check out the full MYXclusive interview with James and Nadine here:

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