THE NIGHT GAME Does A "Magic Trick" In New Single

Renuel Fallore

Posted at May 30, 2020

Earlier this year, Boys Like Girls became active again and even had an Asia and Australia tour planned last April, which was unfortunately rescheduled due to the spread of COVID-19.


It turns out that vocalist Martin Johnson isn't just busy with BLG's comeback, he's also cooking something fresh for his other project The Night Game! The band just released a brand new single called "Magic Trick" which is the first track off the upcoming album Dog Years.

Martin also revealed that the said album will come in 11 installments and the 80s-influenced "Magic Trick" is just the beginning. The Night Game first made waves in the music scene back in 2017 after the release of their debut single "The Outfield".


no kid pressing their nose up against a guitar store window wants to learn chords or scales. they want to learn magic. that was certainly true of me, ogling over a knock off strat at daddy’s junky music on the strip in salem, new hampshire. learning theory just took too long. so when that guitar showed up under the tree at my 7th christmas i learned a few open tunings and got into the heavy pursuit of magic. if you get the potion just right — good enough, messy enough, gritty enough, pretty enough, bright enough, dumb enough, high enough, desperate enough, yet just grounded enough, then...poof. abracadabra. the spell works. but a not so funny thing happens along the way. if you do the trick 100 nights in a stops being magic. it becomes an illusion. an effect. a “work.” the problem with learning how to do the trick is you don’t get to see the show. all you see are the strings. see only illusion is perfect. magic is unruly. dangerous lightning that can power you up or burn you down. magic takes the same three chords and makes them new. so i got good news and bad news — for you, for me, for us. the bad news is i don’t know how it works anymore. you can still find me with my nose pressed up against that music store window, breath fogging up the glass. but that’s also the good news. i’m back in the windowless room with my freaks on the scent of strange unruly magic that either doesn’t want to be caught or just wants to see the best in me before i surrender. so do you wanna see a magic trick? pick a card, any card. i’ve got something you gotta see. “dog years” installment 1, “magic trick” is now available on all platforms. you know where the link is.

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Now, do you wanna see a magic trick? Check out this retro-looking lyric video below:

Courtesy: The Night Game

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