5 Covers of BLACKPINK's Rosé That'll Make You Demand More For Her Solo Album

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 01, 2020

The cry for Blackpink's comeback rings loud and clear for over a year now. Good thing is, there's finally news of it happening *crossed fingers* this June and that means fans can, at long last, calm down. Or maybe it's too soon to say that since it's not only the K-pop group's new album that's being demanded for.

We want Rosé's solo, too! There won't be this much expectations if only we weren't told way back 2018 that our girl is going to be the next member to make a solo debut soon. And if only her talents don't deserve it but it so badly do. For now, it's just her song covers that we can hold on to - all, however, are just making us want her solo more. Hear some of it for yourself:

1. "Eyes Closed" by Halsey

Rosie lived up to Halsey's signature sound of vulnerability in covering this track off the latter's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album. It'll make you want to just literally close your eyes and let the feelings and the K-pop songstress' vocals devour you.

Courtesy: BLACKPINK 

2. "Fix You" by Coldplay

Everyone's all-time favorite hit from the British band gets an equally soothing treatment from the Blackpink singer. Rosé said it gave her comfort during her trainee days, and now she's returning the favor singing it sadly yet beautifully just how Coldplay made it to be.

Courtesy: Property of Jisoo

3. "When You Look Me In The Eyes" by Jonas Brothers

She's no stranger to the Jonas Brothers craze so when she got the chance, Rosé gave it her own touch with only her pure angelic vocals and guitar. Even Joe Jonas himself was left commenting on her video eight years later.

Courtesy: BLINK TV

4. "Only Exception" by Paramore

We're usually not fans of hearing this passionate love song sang by anyone other than Paramore but Rosie is an exception. She delivered it with a perfect appeal enough to hit us hard right in the chest.

Courtesy: Property of Jisoo

5. "Eyes, Nose, Lips" by Taeyang

When it comes to covering songs, it's a mistake not to take a chance on the Bigbang member's legendary and romantic single from 2014. And take note, only a few can pull it off considering the intricate key change and soulful touch. Rosie definitely was one of the few.

Courtesy: blue rosé

The waiting game is strong, Blinks. But in the time that it gets harder to endure, just remember what Roseann Park said: "Hang in there, just trust me on this." And so we will.

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