5 Fun Medical Facts from Registered Pharmacist Arshie Larga

5 Fun Medical Facts from Registered Pharmacist Arshie Larga

Maan de Vera

Posted at May 28, 2020


We normally run into them wherever we need to buy medicine from the drugstore But the influencer Arshie Larga is here to reshape the way we see pharmacists in the quirkiest way possible. Not only is he downright hilarious, but his credentials are also on point as he is a Registered Pharmacist as well. 

So, here are 5 fun medical facts from Arshie:

1. Antibiotics for roosters

We all love a Filipino dad who is as passionate (if not more) over his roosters as his own children. But what happens when one of these beloved pets gets wounded during a cock fight and it needs medicine?

2. Expired medicine

Right now, we can bet that there is some sort of stock medicine in your cabinet or refrigerator as of now. Just a question, have you ever wondered what will happen if you accidentally drink an expired one?

3. Medical abbreviations

These medical abbreviations are everywhere, and we see them all the time, but, honestly, we never really paid attention to what they really mean. If you’re feeling a little bit curious, then watch this quick explanation. 

4. Contraceptives

How much do you really know about which type of contraceptive pill to use? Are you even aware that there are different types to begin with? Well, now is the best time to learn a thing or two.

5. Taking your medication on time

Let’s admit it, we don’t always take our medication on time. Surely, being a little early or late when it comes to this won’t do much harm, right? Wrong. This is what happens to your body when you don’t follow your prescription.

It’s always refreshing to see professionals come out of their shells and share their expertise in an entertaining way. Aside from the good laugh that they can bring, this also gives us a deeper appreciation and understanding of these fields!

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