7 Ways to Have A Peaceful Sleep During Quarantine

7 Ways to Have A Peaceful Sleep During Quarantine

Mariel Abanes

Posted at May 26, 2020


There’s a reason why sleep is hard to come by lately. Anxious thoughts flood our heads with the uncertainty of the future, coupled with the warm summer temperature and a sudden shift from the regular that have messed up with our minds and bodies. Even nightmares are increasingly prevalent in our dreamlands! Easing into what used to be a comfortable night’s rest is now a real challenge we try to overcome.

If the lack of Zzz’s is taking a toll on you, it’s time to remedy the situation. Befriend slumber in the ‘new normal’ with these simple but effective tips to turn another all-nighter into a sound shuteye session. Take it step by step and next thing you know, you’re curling under your sheets cool and relaxed, just like how it was before. Sleep tight, sweet dreams!

1. Ditch the caffeine. A shot of energizing caffeine is great for perky mornings, but an evening intake could keep you awake for hours on end. Forget a cup of joe and enjoy a glass of warm glass instead. 

2. Unplug. At least an hour before your scheduled bedtime, steer clear of your electronic gadgets that promote brain stimulation—your laptop, your tablet, and yes, even your phone. Avoid staying late to catch a TV show as well! A better option to keep you occupied before bed is to grab a book and leaf through until you feel tired or sleepy.

3. Try bedtime yoga. Simple and light stretches eases the body for bed, not to mention it’s also a healthy habit to incorporate to your nighttime routine. Go on a Child’s Pose to release tension and pain on legs and back or play with a Happy Baby form to relieve the stress from the day. Check out YouTube for videos you can try—Yoga With Adriene videos are our personal favorites!

4. Engage in music therapy. Remember those nights years back when your mom or dad sings you a lullaby ‘til you’re asleep? Indulge in the warmth of soothing music to manage a troubled mind—go ahead and spin some calming instrumentals or nature sounds you can find on Spotify. Or relive your childhood days with Disney Music Group’s Disney Peaceful Piano album series, composed of piano lullabies of Disney classics like ‘Once Upon A Dream’ from Sleeping Beauty, ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin, and ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ from Cinderella, all available in meditation and sleep app Calm.

5. Take a relaxing bath. Take the day off your skin and soak in the goodness of a warm bath or shower. Pamper yourself with yummy-smelling bath products to soothe the senses and treat those achy muscles with a good scrub to get you ready for bed. 

6. Make comfort king. Sleep in your favorite jammies, wear cotton socks, bring out those fluffy pillows and blankets, apply a rich moisturizer, turn on your diffuser, manage light to a comfortable level, the works—do anything to make your room feel like your sanctuary.

7. Turn habits into routine. The best way to manage your sleeping habits is to turn it into a routine. Schedule regular snooze time and wake up at the same time as well, even on weekends. Adapt a sleeping pattern that works for you—allot eight to nine hours of reset and wake up refreshed, just like the normal days.

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