Top 5 Best Lana Del Rey Songs in the Ears of a Superfan

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 25, 2020

It might take the world a whole Norman F*cking Rockwell! album, released eight years since her June 2011 debut, to admit that Lana del Rey is one of the best pop artist-slash-poet of the 21st century but Filipino superfan Robyn only needed seven months, and an afternoon with his fusion music lover ex.

"We (used to) get high and listen to music all the time," Robyn shared. "One afternoon, we bumped into Lana's new drop during that time which was Born to Die. Her relaxing voice, painful realization (in) her lyrics made us fell in love with her." True that. Lana's songs, as a critic once metaphorized, are "punching bags" where we can vent on about, more often than not, the reality of deep, complex relationships without breaking - or so we hope.

Today, Robyn waits for new music from his fave like any other fan. We all know, however, 'waiting' can do a lot to a person like "cheating" with others of similar sounds such as Melanie Martinez, Børns, and Lykke Li. But  it doesn't mean he has stop listening to Lana and to his Top 5 songs of her.

1. "Ride"

Featuring Lana's signature vintage sound, the track faces daddy, alcohol and depression issues while still going on for the ride. Unsettling but for some could be plainly understandable. "I think I somehow relate to this song because I think she's just like me - confused, angry, sad, drugged," said Robyn.

Courtesy: Lana Del Rey  

2. "Blue Jeans"

Listen to this song about Lana's good-turned-bad former relationship clean and sober and you'll end up or at least a piece of you in trouble. It hit Robyn hard: "It's a sad love song that everyone can relate to. Greatest love everyone’s longing." Still, it's a banger.

Courtesy: Lana Del Rey

3. "This Is What Makes Us Girls"

You think teenage girls crying over the boys they loved and making mistakes in school won't make it out alive in the real world? Lana gives you a reason to think twice through this song. As Robyn takes it, "(It's a) sad song about friendship; rebel girls get what they deserve but manage to stick together until such time. This is my all time favorite song, BTW."

4. "Love"

This one's nothing but a strong drive to get you through the day for whatever it is you have to do or you want to do like to live young and be in love. "My ex-lover (and I) made love multiple times with this on the background. I love it," Lana's superfan looked back.

Courtesy: Lana Del Rey

5. "Radio"

Ultimately, it serves a sugary vibe to the ears parallel to its lyrics describing how Lana's life turned "sweet like cinnamon" after she finally being played on the radio or is it after finally finding someone? One thing's sure, no one can stop us now from putting it on repeat. In Robyn's words: "Just listen to this, you'll know why."

Having shared his best of Lana's songs, it didn't hurt Robyn to confess he's looking forward to fresh ones that hopefully would be "darker" and something that will "channel her 28-year-old self as her music during those times are bomb." He should be thankful then because Lana is coming through with a new album this September - and might just change what's on his list.

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