Here's How You Can Help Zoo Animals Amidst the Pandemic

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 25, 2020


How many times have you been to a zoo as part of your school field trip? You probably can't recall, but, one thing's for sure, that sanctuary for animals was among the best parts of our childhood memories. So we know exactly where Manny Tangco, owner of Malabon Zoo, is coming from when he cried for help to feed the living things he's been taking care of for decades.

"PLEASE HELP WITH YOUR CASH DONATION FOR THE FOOD OF THE ZOO ANIMALS," reads a sign Mr. Tangco put up in front of the renowned destination in Luzon. The plea came after Malabon zoo, together with other tourist spots, were vetoed of operation incompliance with the enhanced community quarantine for two months - and counting. Needless to say, zero goers means zero profit for the business.

Since then, Mr. Tangco has been using his own money to keep the birds, fishes, monkeys, tigers, bears, lions and the whole place alive. But now, you can, too by reaching out with donations, no matter the amount, you're willing to give through Malabon Zoo Foundation's BPI account: 4641000332.

Ark Avilon Zoo in Rizal has also launched a fundraising campaign to sustain the veterinary services for the animals under their care. They have specially made non-expiring admission tickets on sale online that wildlife supporters can use any day once the quarantine is fully lifted.

Let's make sure these zoos' closure are just temporary, and see to it that these childhood source of happiness can still be one to the next generation. And come to think of it, even us grown ups could use a revisit to these recreational places once all this pandemic is over.

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