What Teens Should Know About Acne According to a Dermatologist

What Teens Should Know About Acne According to a Dermatologist

Madel Asuncion

Posted at May 21, 2020


Being a teenager has its many challenges. From finding yourself while trying to fit in, to keeping your grades up while pursuing your passions, things can get hectic especially when a manual to having a breezy adolescent life does not exist. It ain’t easy, we get ya.

But one thing that’s quite common for this age group is battling self-image issues, and having acne breakouts can surely weigh you down even further. While no one can really teach you the exact ropes to the winding road of your teenage years, what we can surely help you with is tackling your case of acne with some dermatologist-approved tips.

Here, we ask Dr. Anna Liza Yalung to make your skincare journey much more approachable with simple yet valuable know-hows about that pesky thing called acne. Keep reading!

What should teenagers know about acne?

Teenage acne is caused by an increase in the hormone androgen. This hormone increases in both boys and girls during puberty and stimulates the sebaceous (oil) glands to enlarge and produce more oil.

Other causes of acne include genetic predisposition to acne, fluctuating hormone levels (especially for girl during their menstrual period,) stress, underlying medical conditions, side effects of medication, and beauty products that can occlude the sebaceous glands.

How can we deal with acne breakouts?

Mild acne (blackheads, whiteheads, few papules) can be treated with non-prescription topical medications. These usually contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Treatment for moderate to severe acne (cystic or nodular lesions, often pus-filled and painful) is determined by a dermatologist.  Prescription medications, either oral and/or topical, are given depending on the severity of lesions the patient has.

Acne treatments don’t happen overnight.  Topical medications will need six to eight weeks of continued use to notice an improvement.  After this, treatment has to be continued to prevent future breakouts. Without treatment, acne can leave permanent scars. It is necessary to treat them as early as possible. Make sure that hair and cosmetic products have the words non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and oil-free on the label.

What are the acne rules that we should never break?

  • Wash your face twice a day, and no more. Washing is also allowed after an activity that made you sweat (workouts, any type of sport, etc.)

  • Use acne medications diligently. Make sure to apply as well on areas without lesions.

  • Use light-weight, oil-free moisturizers, and skincare products Makeup and hair care products should be labeled non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic to prevent breakouts.

  • Change bed sheets and pillowcases frequently as oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria might have accumulated on it.  These can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

  • Lastly, keep yourself hydrated!

Shoutout to Dr. Yalung for getting our acne dilemmas sorted! And in case you're looking for products to ease your skincare woes, Chalk recommends Oxecure's Acne Clear Potion. You'll thank us later.


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