Kathryn Bernardo's 5 Most Empowering Moments

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 20, 2020

We're not celebrities but considering the nature of our work, we do have a lot of encounters with them here and there. And by the looks of it, we can tell living under the spotlight is hard, much more growing up in it. Kathryn Bernardo should know. She's been doing it for as long as we can remember.

Believe it or not, despite a number of recognitions and blockbuster movies, actors could never get used to dealing with hates, rumors and all other downsides of popularity and just be okay with it. Even so, we admire Kathryn for not walking away from all of it instead use all that time to part empowerment to people, including those who don't like her. See how she's done it here:

1. She stands on her own. We all know there's only one man in Kath's heart but that doesn't stop her from making her own path in life. For a year, the actress didn't do a project with her longtime onscreen partner and real-life beau Daniel Padilla, proving that she can grow and shine all on her own merit.
















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2. She starts business at a young age. At just 24, Kath already acknowledges the fact that "nothing lasts forever" and so she turned to making investments. She has ventured in food business, established a nail salon, and even opened a barber shop in partnership with DJ. Way to make sure that whatever happens, she and her family will have a good future ahead!
















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3. She's not afraid to make a stand. What's more worthy of respect than seeing a powerful star put her platform into powerful service such us initiating change and forging encouragement towards people to voice their opinions? Kath did that by proudly speaking up against societal issues she deems unjust.
















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4. She has learned to love her flaws. It's not easy to ignore what other people say about you nor shut down haters. But we guess Kath have mastered the art of accepting who she is and what she is, of overcoming insecurities, and not caring so much of what others think. You can call her all the names you want - "sakang," "pabebe" - but you can't stop her from being the Kathryn Bernardo.
















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5. She dreams big. From being the adorable child star in her debut TV lead role in fantaserye Super Inggo to becoming the phenomenal box office queen that she is right now - recently thanks to Hello, Love, Goodbye, Kath really didn't let her dreams be just dreams. And just because she's already achieved a lot would it mean that she's gonna stop. Ya girl sure is going for more!
















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Indeed, Kathryn has an impressive bio in her hands starring in a number of television series and films. Yet she didn't just stick to being just the Teen Queen we knew her as. She's also working on teaching us that one thing that we all needed to be in this world: empowered. We stan!

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