KESHI Says LANY's PAUL KLEIN Is "The Sweetest Human Being On Earth"

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Posted at May 10, 2020

Keshi is keeping mum about his rumored collab with LANY.

The Vietnamese-American artist recently told MYX in an exclusive interview, "I can't give you an update about it. All I can say is that— I can't say anything about it. It's not my place to talk about it. So I'll leave it at that."


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Rumors of a collab started when the bandaids hitmaker joined frontman Paul Jason Klein in the studio in late October. Keshi recalled, "We met in the studio in LA together. He had listened to '2soon' and he was a fan of it. I was already going to make my way to LA for some sessions so we made some time to hang out during that time."

He continued, "[Paul] is the sweetest human being on earth, and he is a thousand times more handsome in person."

In the 30-minute MYXclusive interview, Keshi also revealed how much he loves LANY's second album Malibu Nights and showed fans that he had the record hanging up on his wall. He said, "I actually have a lot of friends who have listened to LANY in high school or college era. And they just missed me. I just had never heard of them before. And it wasn't until like probably two weeks before Paul had posted my song on Instagram that I found 'Malibu Nights'."

Watch the entire interview with Keshi below:

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