5 Reasons Why We Stan Frankie Pangilinan

5 Reasons Why We Stan Frankie Pangilinan

Maan de Vera

Posted at May 07, 2020

You may have known her as the child of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis Pangilinan. However, Frankie Pangilinan has truly proven that she’s more than her familial ties. Over the years, we’ve seen her mature into a fine young lady and get her own following for all the right reasons. Truth be told, this girl has been on our radar for quite some time now.

Here are 5 reasons as to why we’re stanning Kakie:

1. She’s aware of her privileges and uses them to help others.
















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Not everyone gets to be born in a family like Frankie's, and she knows this. The beautiful thing about this is she knows that there’s power in the advantages that she was given which is why she uses her influence responsibly. This is evident when she pledged to cover the bail of one out of the 21 San Roque residents who were arrested for protesting during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

2. She’s not afraid to voice out her opinions.
















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She sure has a lot of things to say, and she has a knack of expressing herself unapologetically. Aside from this, it’s also endearing that she fully embraces the fact that she’s still young, and there’s more for her to learn so she makes sure that her opinions are informed ones. What’s even more admirable is when she owned up to her personal convictions and clarified that she doesn’t speak for her family or the other way around.

3. She’s got humor.
















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She has wits and charms, there’s no doubt about that. A quick scroll through her social media accounts will surely make you chuckle at the very least. Not only does the thing she says has value, the way that she says them is also very clever which is why it’s hard to not notice her musings. Also, there are random tweets such as this one:

4. She’s multi-talented.
















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To say that she’s artistic is totally an understatement. She’s an aspiring singer who creates her own songs and learned how to play the guitar on her own. Aside from this, she’s also determined to make a living statement that not everyone needs to be a “biritera.” Her other platforms such as @kakiewrites and @simonesaysmag show her skills in writing and design, too.

5. She’s very relatable.
















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At a glance, it may seem that she’s too up there, and she simply doesn’t have to deal with the same things as we do. But the more that you get to know her, the more that you’ll see that she’s just a regular teenager who’s trying her best to make sense of everything just like the rest of us.

We just know that the future is bright for this girl, and we can’t be more excited to see what else she would bring to the table. As of now, we’ll just have to channel our inner-Kakie by facing the world with both bravery and humility.

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