FLOW G And SIXTH THREAT's Ongoing Feud Is Turning Fans' Heads!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at May 07, 2020

Fans of the local hip-hop scene are witnessing a really interesting war of words, verses, and beats from rappers Flow G of Ex Battalion and Sixth Threat, the Davao-based MC who won the FlipTop Battle League's Isabuhay Tournament 2019.


The two fired shots at each other on their respective new songs and fans have been buzzing about this lyrical clash as they showed off their styles in writing bars and delivering their fiery thoughts.


Curious how the "beef" between Flow G and Sixth Threat started? Last year, Sixth Threat and his Mindanao-based crew 3 Digitz unveiled the song "Pilipinong Wack", which seemed to throw a punch at new-age rappers who use autotune, are into mumble rapping, and don't pay good attention to lyricism. The track gained mixed reactions and some fans even thought that it's subtle shade towards Ex B.

Courtesy: 3 Digitz Official

It reached the camp of Flow G who clapped back on his personal Facebook account.

Sixth Threat retaliated a day after and a back-and-forth of posts containing jabs at each other subsequently followed.

Fast forward to last month, the feud between the two was reignited. On April 18, Flow G dropped "Unli", a diss track addressed to his haters and those who dislike his rap group - though he didn't single out anyone.

Courtesy: FLOW G

On May 3, Sixth Threat surprised everyone by dropping his own diss track called "Expired". Both songs left fans amazed but divided.

Courtesy: 3 Digitz Official

After the release of "Expired", Flow G posted "Sorry may plan ako" on Facebook.

Weighing in on the beef, Loonie did a review of "Unli" and "Expired". The Hari Ng Tugma said that Flow G and Sixth Threat are his friends and praised both for upping their rap game.

"Maganda 'tong mga nangyayari na ganito sa rap scene dahil minsan dito pa nadedevelop yung skills ng mga rappers at siyempre nakukuha niyo rin yung attention ng audience," Loonie shared on his vlog.

"At magandang crossover 'to dahil pareho ko silang kaibigan, pareho ko silang nirerespeto na MC tapos magkaiba sila ng tinatayuan," he added.

Courtesy: Loonie

But if you think it ends there, think again. Things didn't simmer down a bit as Flow G once again delivered scathing words in yet another diss track "Pasaload" released over a day ago. And this time around, you know exactly who the song is for.

His girlfriend Angelica Jane Yap aka Pastillas Girl was impressed. "Took this during their recording sesh yesterday and it's amazing seeing him work like this. Yung passion & dedication sa craft. Solid 🤘🏻 Lahat nangyari sa loob ng isang araw. Nakakabilib para kayong nag-mamagic ni kuya D (Daniel Tuazon/Flip-D) sa loob ng studio. That quality of music for a small amount of time 🙌🏻," she shared.

Listen as he throws new jabs in "Pasaload" below!

Courtesy: FLOW G


So whose side are you on? Flow G or Sixth Threat? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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