6 Legal K-Dramas That Aspiring Lawyers Should Watch

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 07, 2020

"What do you want to be?" is probably one of the hardest questions that ever exist, especially when you're the kind of person who doesn't have a regular hobby or interest. At least, that's what others thought. But sometimes, you don't necessarily need those to figure things out. For sure, there's something that you're really good at so why not start with that?

Let's suppose you're an active member of the society, great speaker, exemplary debater, proficient in resolving problems, and strongly believe in justice. Ever have the impression that maybe being a lawyer is what the future holds for you? If you agree or still indecisive, maybe watching these legal-themed Korean dramas can help you:

1. Suspicious Partner
This 2017 series centers around a prosecutor-turned-underdog lawyer who ends up running his own firm after one murder case. If there's anything we learned from the show, it's that things don't always go your way no matter how great you are. But by putting pride aside and having a team you can trust behind, you surely won't lose your way.

Courtesy: Viki Global TV 

2. Remember
Speaking of aspiring lawyers, there's this drama about young man who has hyperthymesia, a condition where one can remember every detail perfectly, who works hard to become a member of the bar and prove his father's innocence. Both won't take an easy road, but as long as you have the determination and right motive, you'll succeed.

Courtesy: SBS Drama

3. Miss Hammurabi
It follows an idealistic young judge who sticks to an "eye for an eye" principle. Along the way, through dealing with various cases, her belief gets tested. That's a scene that you can always expect to witness in the courtroom. Nevertheless, what matters is to what lengths you will go to in order to stand your ground and challenge the truth.

Courtesy: JTBC Drama 

4. Suits
Sounds familiar, sure, as this is a Korean remake of the US television series of the same title about a renowned lawyer who hired a law school dropout for his photographic memory. For people who are doubtful to what they want to do with their lives, this series not only serve you interesting stories but also inspirational lessons.

Courtesy: Viu Singapore

5. Hyena
It's a competitive world out there, says this 2020 series that focuses on two legal counselors: one works for money and hunger to win whatever means it take, and the other works with his brilliant skills and ego. It depicts what it's like choosing between abiding by the law and staying true to your moral perspectives. 

Courtesy: Netflix Asia

6. Innocent Defendant
From start, when a competent prosecutor wakes up with amnesia and finds himself falsely convicted, to finish, when he finally reovers his memories, this one's going to keep you at the edge of your seats. Consider this as a visual guide on keeping a positive spirit and learning to cope with losing even just once in your life.

Courtesy: SBS Drama

Rarely will the things you're passionate about can manifest into your future profession. But there are tons of opportunities that can come your way, if only you shouldn't turn a blind eye. And taking up law, as we suggested, can qualify as one!

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