LOOK: FALL OUT BOY Reflects On 10th Anniversary Of "Infinity On High"!

LOOK: FALL OUT BOY Reflects On 10th Anniversary Of "Infinity On High"!

Christine Guariña

Posted at February 08, 2017

Fall Out Boy is celebrating the 10th year anniversary of their third album Infinity On High, the home for hits like "This Ain't A Scene," "It's An Arms Race," and "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs." Released on February 6, 2007, the record was quite an experiment for the band who fused different musical styles from pop punk to funk, jazz, hiphop, R&B and flamenco. 

Remembering the success and mark that the album left, bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz can't help but compare it to their earlier record, From Under The Cork Tree. "This one was strange. it was transitional. If FUCT was the caterpillar album- Infinity On High was the cocoon one," he shares.

"It was odd how everything was changing but it felt like we were in a time capsule... this record would bring so many ideas from jay z doing the intro to working with baby face on "thnks fr th mmrs" to the flight 101 saga (3 shows in a day in ny, chicago, and la)..." he continued. 

According to Pete, Infinity On High reminds him of the night time,"both the anxiety of insomnia and the peace of being awake when everyone else is asleep. i remember before we released it i used like a security blanket listening and trying to fall asleep. i really appreciate everyone who gave this one a chance."

Pete ended his message with the Vincent van Gogh quote where they got the title of the full-length record, "Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”

In 2007, the band dropped by the MYX Studios to promote talk about the decade-old album. Check out this throwback MYXclusive interview with Fall Out Boy!

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