4 Ways to Adjust Your Body Clock to Your Quarantine Routine (or Lack Thereof)

4 Ways to Adjust Your Body Clock to Your Quarantine Routine (or Lack Thereof)

Maan de Vera

Posted at April 30, 2020


Is it just us or being confined at home has completely messed up our sleeping patterns? It's as if all we do is take naps, sleep late, wake up late, but still wind up feeling tired as ever. According to experts, this is because the sudden and drastic changes in our routines are messing up with our circadian rhythm which acts like a "clock" inside our bodies.  

If you want to put an end to this cycle, then we have just the right tips for you. This is how you can bring your body clock right on track even when you're in quarantine.

1. Expose yourself to natural light.

One of the easiest ways to jumpstart your body clock back to its normal state is to try to wake up as early as you can and expose yourself to natural light. This will send a message to your brain that it's indeed morning and will allow it to produce the necessary hormones to get you through the rest of the day.

2. Refrain from taking naps.

It's so tempting to take naps all the time especially when you're bored. Not only because we don't always get to take short snoozes when we want to, but also it's the easiest way to pass the time when you have absolutely nothing to do. However, if you're really determined to have a better body clock, resist this urge and try to keep yourself occupied in the morning.

3. Avoid unecessary activities inside your bedroom.

Your body needs to identify your bedroom as a place to sleep so that it's easier for you to doze off during your proper bedtime. It sure is fun to work on your requirements for school or work while staying cozy in bed, but this will do you more harm than good. If possible, avoid eating or watching while in your room as well.

4. Exercise.

Studies have shown that aerobic exercises can help you get that much needed deep sleep. So, if you've been waking up at weird times in the middle of your night's rest, then you should seriously try working out. Just make sure that you don't do vigorous exercise one hour before bedtime.

For most of us, it's pretty unclear as to how long we'll remain in this setup. So, if you've been slacking off with your health, you might as well make better choices now and start with doing what you can to improve your sleeping pattern.

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