UK Boy Band BLUE's SIMON WEBBE Goes EDM For "Casino Royale"

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 02, 2020

In February, Simon Webbe of 2000s UK pop boy band Blue did something he's never done before—and actually, something we never saw coming. He collaborated with Malaysian EDM pioneers BATE, composed of Ethan Curzon and Yeoh Wai Hong, for the James Bond-inspired track "Casino Royale"!
















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How did it happen? Based on what we heard during the collaborators' interview with our very own VJ Ai dela Cruz, safe to say it was love at first listen, if there's such a saying. "Simon was down for a show with the Blue boys in Malaysia and they went for an after-party at a bar. And that's our manager's bar," Ethan recalled. "So they met up, had some fun together, drinks, and our manager, KC, just showed Simon our song and Simon heard it and he loved it right away!"

It turns out, EDM has always had a special place in Simon's heart. "First of all, it was all about the music," the British singer-songwriter explained what got him to agree to the collab. "This is something that I've never done before. This is a chance to venture into EDM. I've always loved the EDM sound and having the opportunity to basically do it myself, being organic... this is the perfect time."

The very next day, Simon met with the DJ duo to record the song, and they shot the action-filled music video for two straight days with no sleep! Aside from somewhat living his dream of becoming "the first black James Bond," Simon was also excited to shoot it because it was the first time in his two-decade career that he did an MV without having to actually sing, since it was all purely acting. "If you have a chance to do something different, you should always follow through because life is short," he said.

Courtesy: WeAreBATEVEVO

But do you know what the most surprising—and adorable—moment was during the interview? It was when Simon said, "To be honest, I don't know what EDM stands for," to which BATE and VJ Ai sweetly responded "electronic dance music" (after a few laughs). No worries, Simon. We all googled it, too, the first time.

Simon and BATE also shared their future plans for new music and joining virtual music festivals, which is apparently the craze right now, since we're all stuck at home. Watch the full MYXclusive interview below and learn more!

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