'Sporty Spice' MELANIE C Names BILLIE EILISH 'Unique Spice'

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 30, 2020

It's no secret that the Spice Girls have quite the biggest superstars in their fan club. But Melanie C aka "Sporty Spice" couldn't believe 18-year-old Grammy winner Billie Eilish was among them!
















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During a MYXclusive interview with VJs Ai dela Cruz and Dani Mortel, the '90s pop icon recalled having other artists watch their group's reunion concert in 2019. "It's incredible. Myself and the girls, we're so flattered. When we did the shows last year, we had so many big stars in the audience and on the last night we had Adele," Melanie said. "A lot of our fans are all grown up now and when they're there at our gig, they just turn into the childhood version of their selves!"
















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She then began talking about the "bad guy" hitmaker who was born in 2001, a year after the Spice Girls first parted ways: "One of my biggest surprises was Billie Eilish because obviously she wasn't even born in the '90s." It turns out, Melanie is a big fan girl of Billie too!

"I went along to one of her shows and l was lucky enough to meet her. And actually, her dad is a really big Sporty Spice fan! Her and Finneas were introduced to the Spice Girls through their parents," revealed Melanie. "Watching her show in London reminded me of Spice Girls shows in the past."
















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Swipe to see Billie rocking a "Sporty Spice" shirt!

Melanie even praised the way Billie is breaking through the music scene and gave her her own Spice Girls nickname. "It's been really lovely to meet somebody so amazing and just out there, completely innovative, doing her own thing in the music industry," Melanie shared. "She's so unique, she could be Unique Spice!" And we totally agree!

Having fans that transcend generations, nationalities, and gender, there's no doubt Melanie C's trailblazing influence continues to grow with her music. Her latest single "Who I Am" is an empowering song that cements her position as a vital voice in the modern discourse on body positivity, depression, and the LGBTQ community.

"I was worried about being Sporty Spice after all these years, but I quickly realized that it's a huge part of me and it has never gone away. It made me realize that all these aspects of ourselves... there's so much to us and we really need to embrace all of it," the English singer-songwriter explained the inspiration behind the song.

The 46-year-old star also shared her feelings about seeing her recreated looks on the set of her much talked-about music video that shows her journey through the years: "It was kind of weird. I love the concept... but when I got on-set, I started to feel a little bit weird watching myself be transformed into all these parts of my past, I found it quite uncomfortable!"

"So we shot the video and I went home being a little bit freaked out by the whole experience," she animatedly recalled. "I watched it back and got lots of lovely feedback from fans and I realized it's a celebration! That's how we should look at our lives! Even if it was a difficult era of your life, you got through it. You should celebrate that as much as you should celebrate your successes."

Watch the full MYXclusive interview below to hear more inspirational words from Melanie C as she talked more about her music video that became a "mad therapy session" of sorts for her, her upcoming eighth album, plus her revelation about how she actually has relatives here in the Philippines!

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