5 Collaborations of BTS' Suga with Powerful Femmes

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 29, 2020

BTS' Suga paved the way for top-tier collaborations with female artists. That much we hope won't be hard for you to credit him for because it's just, well, so true. The rapper-songwriter-producer of the world's biggest boy group is well recognized for working alongside female solo powerhouses not only of K-pop but also of western music industry.

Man is really changing the game, and he's about to continue doing so with another huge collab. This May 6th, he'll be featured in IU's - yep, that legendary queen IU - comeback digital single "Eight" which Suga also helped produced. And we heard it's the songstress who first initiated the collaboration! But before it shake the world charts, get to hear the rest of Suga's powerful team-ups here:

1. "So Far Away" with Suran

Suga wrote this track about the uncertainty of one's dreamless reality as part of his debut solo mixtape Agust D and tapped singer-songwriter and breast cancer survivor Suran through a phone call. As a result, we get the emotional support we never knew we needed to hear whenever we feel lost, which is always.

2. "Wine" with Suran

Workting together the second time around is never a bad idea. Take it from Suga who laid down bittersweet banger "Wine" to Suran and made it her first chart-topping hit. It also won the rapper his first Producer Award and the female soloist R&B/Soul Award. Just the recognition they both rightfully deserve.

3. "Song Request" by Lee Sora

ARMYs always know Suga has that brand of comfort, and he made it pretty obvious for people even outside the fandom through the soothing collab with veteran balladeer Lee Sora, a song anyone feeling lonely would request on the radio. This Tablo co-written track also debuted on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, a win for the two artists.

Courtesy: SUPER SOUND Bugs!

4. "We Don't Talk Together" with Heize

It's kind of impossible to not love the idea of Suga producing for Heize, a talented artist who's no stranger in making great music in her own right. Their collaboration about holding on to a relationship that unfortunately can't happen definitely met our expectations. We're glad she quickly gave her yes the moment Suga sent him the demo.

Courtesy: Stone Music Entertainment 

5. "Suga's Interlude" with Halsey

Just when we thought that BTS doing "Boy With Luv" with Halsey was everything, "Suga's Interlude" happened - in the American songstress' raw album Manic. They're longtime friends, but it's the K-pop idol's introspective approach to writing songs that became her driving force to do it. She really connected to him, and so did we.

Courtesy: Halsey 

Suga is nothing but a talented, intellectual human being for doing all these and supporting female artists. The world could never tell how much we'll do anything to have his name in our discography, too, only if we have one. For sure when he strikes again with that upcoming IU collab, he'll be able to take the world by storm in bigger ways possible. All hail Min-PDnim!

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