International Hitmaker AUGUST RIGO Says Teen Rapper ALEX BRUCE's Potential Is Endless

Brianne Constantino

Posted at April 28, 2020

August Rigo recently worked with hip-hop prodigy Alex Bruce for her latest single "Go Crazy" and the Filipino-Canadian hitmaker behind BTS hits "Black Swan" and "ON" had nothing but high praise for the 13-year-old rapper.


When VJ Dani asked August about his working experience with the Sony Music Philippines artist, he said: "Amazing. She has the soul of a 25-year-old. I was really, really excited. Like I said before, I was looking for an opportunity to work with somebody in the Filipino industry especially somebody who was domestic."


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He added: "So, I made an effort to go out to Hong Kong to meet the head of Sony. After meeting her, she spoke to me about possibly doing this Alex Bruce project and when I first listened, I was like, 'how is this girl 12 years old?'. So I jumped at the opportunity 'cause you know, I thought she was amazing."


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"I think that, you know, at 12 or 13 years old, to have that much skill already, the potential for her is endless and it'd be really great to jump in at the beginning stages and help her cultivate her sound," he concluded.


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On the creative proccess of Alex's single "Go Crazy": "It was great. I actually did the song with another friend of mine Vince Nantes who also did "Black Swan". We were just looking to give her something that was, I guess it was darker, something a little current with a US side so to speak. And then what I did was work with her dad remotely in figuring out the lyrics. Because she's so young, the challenge is to find, you know, a subject that's gonna be universal."


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Listen to "Go Crazy" by Alex Bruce below:

Get to know more about the promising Filipino rapper via this MYXclusive interview with VJ Ai:

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