How to Feel Less Bored While in Quarantine According to Your Fave Idols

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 28, 2020

We can't leave our houses, we can't have ourselves pampered with mani-pedis, we can't even get a haircut. We can't spend a real summer vacation with family at the beach, we can't attend concerts, or go on a proper samgyup date with our friends. Much more, we can't comfort each other with something as simple as a hug. There's a lot we've been missing while the whole world is in quarantine, and things are slowly starting to get, well, boring.

Before you officially lose it, why not make good use of what you do bes to perk yourselves up? Thankfully, we can always fangirl! For sure your idols have been finding ways to keep life interesting considering all events and activities are cancelled. They definitely won't mind if you steal their ideas, so check them out in our gallery and get busy!

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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