SANDARA PARK Thanks MINZY For Watching Her Musical

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 25, 2020

This is what 2NE1 means: Supporting each other! Minzy just watched Sandara Park's musical Another Oh Hae Young.

"Maknae line Darongie at AOHY the musical! I went to cheer for you~ Congratulations for being a musical actress~ Everybody, go see AOHY to see Dara unnie's various charms! Gogo! Blackjack and I are always supporting you! #hereforyou #love," Minzy wrote on Instagram alongside their photo.

Meanwhile, Dara thanked the real maknae for her support and the cute cake she gave. "Mingkki, our Mingkki~!!! Minzy came to see my performance yesterday~!!! We are~ 2NE1's #MaknaeLine kkk She even gave this very witty cake!!! So cool and cute!!! I'm so happy and relieved to hear Mingkki's very detailed review of my show," she captioned the post.

"It's been a while & it's really our members who knows me the best, seeing how much you saw me improve made me proud, touched & excited. I had mixed feelings This is what 2NE1 means. New evolution of the 21st century. Always evolving #realmaknae #fakemaknae #minzy #dara #2ne1"














밍끼밍끼 우리 밍끼~!!! 😍 어제 민지가 공연 보러 와줬어요~!!! 우리는~ 퉤니원의 #막내라인 ㅋㅋㅋ 이렇게 센스 넘치는 케익까지 만들어서!!! 😆🎂 이런거 선물해주기만 했지 받아본건 첨인거가태!!! 💘 짱귀여어!!! 너무 멋있구 감동 받았다구 세세하게 다 얘기해주는 밍끼의 후기를 들으니 기분도 너무 좋고 마음도 놓이구😭 아무래도 나를 제일 잘 알고 오래 봐온게 우리 멤버들인데, 나의 이런 변화? 발전한 모습을 보고 좋아해주는 모습을 보니 나도 몬가 뭉클하면서 뿌듯하구 신나구😭 만감이 교차했다.. 퉤니원의 의미가 그거잖아요 ㅋㅋ 21세기의 새로운 진화 ㅋㅋ 항상 진화하겠다는..🤣🤣 #realmaknae & #fakemaknae #minzy #dara #2ne1 ♥️♠️

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