6 COVID-19 Initiatives Started by Students to Support Now

6 COVID-19 Initiatives Started by Students to Support Now

Maan de Vera

Posted at April 23, 2020


There is so much work that needs to be done in order to fully win the battle against COVID-19. With our local students well-aware of this, they are now creating self-organized efforts in order to help out in their various causes. This being said, we've compiled a list of several student-initiated drives so that we can support them in their quest to create positive impact.
1. Be the Juan PH

Since those who work in the construction, farms, and other jobs that require being outdoors are now confined in their homes, Be the Juan PH has set up a donation drive for them in order to support these workers at a time like this. The funds gathered are then used to provide basic needs for the people in Smokey Mountain in Tondo and Brgy. Devera in the province of Iloilo.

2. Isanliyab Servant Leaders' Union

Aside from creating their very own donation drive, this FEU-based organization is also very active in creating infographics that show the current state of the pandemic in the country. On top of this, Isanliyab is also active in promoting movements that safeguard the wellbeing of the students at a time like this.

3. Project HERO

With so many things that are happening right now, may of us have overlooked the attention that babies from the less fortunate sector are also in need. This is the gap that Project HERO is intending to fill. Their main goal is to provide "baby-friendly" relief goods for children between 4 and 24 months.

4. Batang Bayan Donation Drive

This group of high school students from Mandaluyong High School are also doing their part with their #RAISEandRISE campaign. They aim to help out their fellow MandaleƱos by raising funds for them. However, the real message here is that no one is too young to extend their help and be part of the solution.

5. MSHS Community Drive

Another organization that's doing what they can to be of assistance despite their young age is that Marikina Science High School. As everyone knows, there is a huge demand for PPEs right now that even the hospitals themselves are having a hard time getting enough for our front liners. That is why the funds gathered by this drive would be used to protect our heroes.

6. CFAD Malasakit Donation Drive
















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This donation drive in University of Santo Tomas has set its focus on making sure that the maintenance and security personnel in their college receive the support that they need. Aside from this, they've also created a clear step-by-step instruction on how their donors can send funds through multiple online platforms.

We just can't help but be proud of these initiatives from our students. With these acts of kindness deeply embedded in our youth at a time when it’s easier to just look out just for yourself, it looks like we indeed have a bright future ahead of us. As of now, we just really need to do whatever we can to assist them.

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