5 Indie Films on iWant that Deserve the Youth's Attention

5 Indie Films on iWant that Deserve the Youth's Attention

Maan de Vera

Posted at April 23, 2020


The struggle is real when it comes to finding places or sites to watch independent films on. Unlike their more mainstream counterparts, they're simply not as accessible, and you'll either have to wait for special screenings or for the producers to release them on various platforms. The good thing is, there's now a wide variety of great flicks from independent filmmakers that are now available on iWant.

We've compiled 5 movies that we think are relevant to the youth and are also streamable on iWant just for you.

1. John Denver Trending

Director: Arden Rod Condez

This is a story of how a 14-year old boy dealt with the backlash when a video of him brutally attacking his classmate went viral online.

Why that youth should watch it: To say that social media is a double-edge sword may seem like a cliche now. However, this rings truer than ever before. From our end, it may seem like we are simply reacting, commenting, or sharing on a post. On the other hand, for the person who's the subject of a particular content, the effect can be life changing...for better or worse.

2. Watch List

Director: Ben Rekhi

This is a story of how a widow volunteered to become an asset for the Oplan Tokhang operations after her husband was shot dead by "riding in tandem" killers.

Why the youth should watch this: Whatever your opinion on the alleged extra-judicial killings associated with the drug war, this film is a must-watch. Not only will this shed light on what goes behind-the-scenes in the lives of both the enforcers and suspects, it will also open your eyes that this matter is not only a matter of whether this policy is good or bad for the country, but a matter of how it affects our citizens.

3. Bakwit Boys

Director: John Paul Laxama

This is a story of the struggle of four brothers to bring back music into their lives after their hometown has been struck by a devastating typhoon.

Why the youth should watch this: It's so easy to see popular musicians as the people who are living the dream life. However, this film will show you that the climb to the top isn't all unicorns and rainbows. Just like anything else, anyone who wants to be successful in the industry should ask themselves if they're ready to face the hurdle of politics and under-the-table transactions.

4. MaƱananita

Director: Paul Soriano

This is a story of a dismissed military officer and her quest to seek revenge on her parents' brutal murder. 

Why the youth should watch this: At one point or another, we are all destined to fail, and, sometimes, we can come up short on the things that we have dedicated our entire life for. As sad as that may sound, this film is an embodiment of that, however, this will also give you a glimpse on how to pick yourself up after. It will also give you a glimpse on whether to give forgiveness or vengeance to those who have harmed us.

5. Ekstra

Director: Jeffrey Jeturian

This is a story that highlights the life of a bit player (A.K.A. an extra) and how she tries to provide for her daughter's daily needs.

Why the youth should watch this: The lengths that a mother would go through in order to give the best life that they can for their child is often boundless. This movie will definitely leave its mark on you by giving you a peek on the exploitation that goes on in the movie industry. Aside from this, it's also a touching display of pursuing your dreams at any cost and giving whatever it takes to put food on the table.

These independent films are truly entertaining, but more than that, they will also make you think. They are here to stir our thoughts and emotions well enough that we form a better view of the world we're in. 

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