Here Are CONG And VIY's Sweetest Moments That Will Make You Believe In True Love!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at April 24, 2020

There’s no denying that CongTV’s Cong Velasquez and his girlfriend Viy Cortez are two of the most influential Filipino YouTubers right now. Their rising subscriber count is sheer proof as Cong just entered the 4-million-subscribers mark this month, while Viy now has over 2.4 million.

Their videos have easily gone viral and their social media posts have almost automatically turned into much talked-about topics. Remember when they recently further solidifed their trending status after Viy surprised Cong for “a formal date” just outside of their house aka "Payamansion"?

After setting their eyes on each other and dating in 2015, Cong and Viy became the quintessential couple of their group of content creators prominently called Team Payaman. Since then, the two never failed to support each others' goals in life and everyone right now can witness how far they've come.
We’ve seen so many couples in the entertainment world who have inspired us with their respective #RelationshipGoals. But hey, there's only one “Power” couple online who can be the sheer epitome of a perfectly authentic relationship like these two.

To all of the members of the Chicken Feet Gang and all of the Vivys out there, join us as we take a look at the extremely funny and sweet vlogger couple’s cutest moments caught on camera! Check out this photo gallery full of “Power!” above.

Plus, check out VJ Ai dela Cruz and VJ Dani Mortel's MYXclusive interview with Cong's band COLN today at 4PM, live on MYX's Facebook account.

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