7 K-Dramas to Watch If Romance is Not Your Cup of Tea

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 23, 2020

I'm such a big fan of thrillers and twisted plot lines, but I know deep inside my heart, I've reserved a place for romance. That being said, K-drama has been a great niche for me, offering every kind of genres that I can choose from based on may taste and, often, my mood. It might have been projected to you as all cheesy romcoms, tale of star-crossed lovers, and happy ever after, but it's not. You just have to pick the right one to watch.

So if you're completely "allergic" to any ounce of kilig, don't be afraid to dive in to the K-drama craze. Take the time to explore the long list of series produced over the years, and you'll see that there's something that's waiting for you to hit the play button for. If you don't have the time, then I'll make it easy for you with my picks below:

1. Kingdom

This is definitely perfect for zombie-oriented show lovers. Telling the gripping journey of a Joseon crown prince trying to save his people from a mysterious plague that overstakes the land, you won't be needing any love because just the horror and ambiguity it brings will consume you enough.

Courtesy: Netflix 

2. Hell Is Other People

You want creeps, this will be you creeps. This 10-episode drama is about a 20-year-old man who moved into an eerie apartment that houses other equally strange residents. As bizarre events start to occur around, that's when you know you made the right decision to watch it. Here's hoping that your heart can keep up.

Courtesy: OCN

3. Signal

Up for solving serial cases? Better say yes to this 2016 story of a boy who witnessed a crime fifteen years ago and, as he grew up, became a police officer working to find the truth of the past. Much more, it's based on real-life unsolved murder mysteries. Who's going to be crying out for love when justice can fill our hearts?

Courtesy: tvN DRAMA 

4. Vagabond

It features the reunion of onscreen couple Bae Suzy and Lee Seunggi, but the show didn't go full romantic mode, not until that ONE kissing scene, we think? Vagabond is filled with more actions as Seunggi uncovers what really caused the plane crash that killed his young nephew with the help of Suzy. It has a lot of twists and turns than we expected so you should be ready to be shocked.

Courtesy: Netflix Asia

5. Sky Castle

Living in the luxurious neighborhood Sky Castle, four housewives struggle -and compete- to get their children into the top universities of South Korea no matter what it takes. This ain't an average family drama, but, for the relatable issue in parenting and its impact on children, Sky Castle has definitely left viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Courtesy: Netflix Asia

6. Remember: War of the Son

This one's a wild ride of emotions. It solely revolves around a young lawyer with hyperthymesia, a condition where he can remember things in vivid details. He uses that to prove his father's innocence who was put on death row because of a murder accusation. It's well written that it'll release the misery, compassion, and anger you probably didn't know you have in you.

Courtesy: SBS Drama

7. The Most Beautiful Goodbye

It's a drama that will teach you about family love. With a storyline about a middle-aged wife who has devoted all her life taking care of his husband, two children, and forgetful mother, and got diagnosed with cancer, this 4-episode series is never too short to make you, well, cry. This will hit home for all the Mama's boys and girls out there.

Courtesy: tvN DRAMA 

Avoid romance all you want, we're not here to judge. Just remember that K-drama land is immensely diverse for you to pass up on!

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