HAILEE STEINFELD Shares When You Should Stop Telling Someone "I Love You"

Camille Santos

Posted at April 22, 2020

Hailee Steinfeld's highly anticipated first body of work is going to be filled with self-love. Having gone through her fair share of breakups, the singer's latest release "I Love You's" is all about embracing a deeper love for one's self before jumping into another relationship.

Lyrically, it seemed that Haiz already has the concept of self-love down pat. So during an online MYXclusive interview, VJs Ai and Anton asked the young hitmaker that one question we have all been wanting—and struggling—to know the answer to: When is it time to stop loving someone?

Admitting that she's not good at giving advice herself, Hailee shared, "When you realize that maybe you [have] gone too far outside of your comfort zone or you lost a part of yourself that you don't know how to get back or you're searching for that part of yourself in another person, I think that's when it's time to kind of take a step back and realize that you can find it within yourself."

"Relationships are hard, and it's such a huge learning curve any and every time," she continued. "But I think just as much as you know when to say 'I love you', I think deep down, trust your instincts and trust yourself, if you think it's time for no more."


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"I Love You's" and the previously released "Wrong Direction" will both be featured on Part 1 of Hailee's two-part project due out May 1st. It will reportedly feature three more tracks.

For now, listen to Hailee share her quarantine routine and more during the MYXclusive interview below.

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