We're About To Get Another Addictive Hit From TWICE

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 21, 2020

TWICE is confirmed to make comeback and you know what this means? Another "TT," "YES or YES," "What is Love," "Fancy," and "Feel Special"-kind of hit!

"TWICE is getting ready to shoot the music video for their new song. The specifics of their comeback schedule are still being discussed, and we will reveal them once they are set," the group's label JYP Entertainment stated.

The members have also revealed their hair transformation via TikTok: Momo, Jeongyeon and Mina went blonde, Jihyo went pink, Tzuyu went red, Dahyun went blue, Sana went orange, Nayeon went brown and Chaeyoung went black and green.

We got a feeling this is going to be a big comeback. Let's work hard, Onces!

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WIN: FREE INVITES To The Special Screening Of "CATS"


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