Meet GUAPDAD 4000: The Filipino-American Rapper Featured On RICH BRIAN's Latest Single "Bali"

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Posted at April 16, 2020

It was impossible not to have noticed Guapdad 4000's velvety raspy voice in Rich Brian's latest single "Bali", the Indonesian rapper's first solo release since his critically acclaimed 2019 album The Sailor. And although we're used to the Asian artist collective tapping on a variety of artists, it was still quite a surprise when we found out that Guap, whose real name is Akeem Douglas Hayes, was part Filipino.

In an interview with Billboard about the track, Brian showered his recent collaborator with praise, saying "Guapdad is a really cool person, in general, and I wanted to get him on the song because he has a very versatile voice -- he can do a lot of things, all kinds of different genres."

The 88rising artist added, "The really cool thing about Guapdad is that he's down to collaborate and take notes, which is really rare; most people just send their parts and it's "take it or leave it." You have to be really careful if you want them to change anything. But with Guap he sent the vocals, he asked what I thought and he took my notes -- it was the easiest collaboration ever really."


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Other than the collab, what else do we know about Guapdad 4000? Swipe through our gallery above to get to know more about the 27-year-old rising artist—and don't forget to listen to his debut album Dior Deposits below:

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