LOOK: 10 Reasons Why LEE SUNG-KYUNG Is The Queen Of Swag!

LOOK: 10 Reasons Why LEE SUNG-KYUNG Is The Queen Of Swag!

Christine Guariña

Posted at February 11, 2017

We all know Lee Sung-Kyung as the simple, innocent, cheerful, strong and spunky lead of the Korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. But behind her breathtaking portrayal of the adorable title character, Sung-Kyung is the reigning Queen of Swag in her own right.


In just one glance, she'll become one of your girl crushes with her pretty face. Well, who won't fall in love with her magnificent hazel eyes, goldilocks lips, straight brows, rosy cheeks, fair skin, and looong legs? However, the 26-year-old's charisma is just the tip of an ice berg because she's crazily multi-talented! Here are 10 reasons why you should love and admire her more!



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1. She's a model

You might have already discovered that she was a model way before she became an actress under YG Entertainment and K-Plus. She's an excellent one at that, with stunning magazine covers, photos and endorsements!


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Check out her stint with Nam Joo Hyuk who plays the role of swimmer Jung Joon Hyun in WFKBJ!

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2. She slays on the runway.

If you think she's just good at posing for photos, think again because this babe also nails walking on the runway. You had a clue when she showed you how to strut in one scene from the drama!

Video Courtesy: Korean Models

Video Courtesy: MBCdrama

3. Surprisingly, this gal can sing too!

She displayed her enchanting voice in an episode of King of Masked Singer and shocked the audience and her co-stars!

Video Courtesy: MBCentertainment

Video Courtesy: MBCentertainment


Sing On The California ????

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4. She can also rap.

And what's a singer if she's not quick with words! In Running Man, she showed off her hidden talent for rapping!

Video Courtesy: SBS Running Man

5. She can dance.

Aside from the voice, she's also got the moves and the swag in every groove. Check out this video of her dancing to Sistar's "Mah Boy"!

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6. She can play the piano.

Sung-Kyung is very skilled and has a wide-knowledge on playing a bunch of instruments. Check out how she worked her way across the piano keys and brought out the melodies of "La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaf.

Video Courtesy: N.T. A

7. She can play the guitar.

Although she hasn't played the instrument in a television show, she showed off her guitar skills in the music video of "My Lips Like Warm Coffee" by Eddie Kim.

Video Courtesy: CJENMMUSIC Official

8. She can play the drums.

She made her own beats in her guesting in Korean talk show Taxi.

Video Courtesy: tvN

9. The girl can definitely pull off any role!

With just five series, she proved that she's a versatile actress playing the troubled character Oh So Nyeo in It's Okay That's Love, the good daughter Kang Yi Sol in Flower of the Queen, the frenemy Jin Seo Woo in Doctors, the bratty and insane Baek In-Ha in Cheese and the Trap...



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10. She's our Kim Bok Joo!

When we say Kim Bok Joo, we mean she's quirky and playful. She serves as the life of a group, making those around her laugh and smile with her humor and personality.


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Seriously, is there anything that Sung-Kyung can't do? She's just too perfect and too gifted that we can totally say, "Uwian na mga bes, may nanalo na." All hail the Queen of Swag, Lee Sung-Kyung!

What can you say about Lee Sung-Kyung's hidden talents? Tell us in the comments!

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