Why Fans Can't Help But Think Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin Are Dating IRL

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 11, 2020

You know when we watch a new K-drama with perfect lead lovers? We become so immersed that we actually get convinced that they're couples in real life. Yep, we all have reached that point of being "delulu." So imagine what we're like the moment Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's Crash Landing On You came into our lives. You wouldn't have an idea how much we prayed for their relationship to blossom into something more.

We're not sure if it's merely their veteran acting skills that made them look so good together or it's because their true feelings for each other just couldn't be concealed anymore. Whatever it is, surely, we're not alone fantasizing. As a matter of fact, the two have been caught up in dating rumors thrice, which they have all denied. That can't stop fans, though, and they have their reasons:

1. Their onscreen chemistry is so strong. Every romantic gesture and every little scene they're in while playing Captain Ri and Yoon Seri in CLOY seems so natural and, that is to say, a feast for the eyes. Stop trying to rate them from 1 to 10. Based on our inability to move on, we can't.

Courtesy: The Swoon

2. BinJin off-cam is no different. The way they stare at, laugh at, and compliment each other during photoshoots, filming, and interviews all send reel-to-real energy. And it's exactly what shippers want.

Courtesy: ROWOON TV

3. They both wanted to work together again. In case you didn't know, Hyun Bin and Ye Jin first teamed up in the 2018 movie The Negotiation. And when both were offered CLOY, they both quickly gave their 'yes,' saying that they're comfortable working with each other and have always wanted to reunite for another project!

Courtesy: Movieclips Indie 

4. Their online content is #goals. We couldn't think of any other K-drama pair who has fed our souls more then Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. Thank goodness to the actress' Instagram account where she share #couplegoals selcas and TikTok videos! We wouldn't have survived the void without it.
















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5. They were spotted out and about together. Early last year, photos of the Korean stars doing grocery in the US, while Ye Jin was vacationing and Hyun Bin was there for personal business, entangled them in a dating rumor. However, they have insisted that their meeting there was spontaneous and done along with mutual friends. 

To our knowledge, Hyun Bin and Ye Jin only remain close friends, but, with all the reasons mentioned above, we don't think we can contain our desire for their relationship to progress soon. No pressure on the two, though, we'll love you just the way you are and we hope you don't mind if we keep shipping you in our hearts. 

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