6 Thai BL Series To Check Out If You Loved "2gether"

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 11, 2020

In this era taken over by the undeniable craze for Korean dramas comes another Asian work that sure is a tickle in the heart: 2gether: The Series. It's a story about to college students played by Thai breakout stars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin who fake date and end up falling for each other. Sounds typical, but it wouldn't matter if you weigh up their OMG-inducing chemistry. There's no wonder it got everybody talking and had all of us, well, kilig.

If you're craving for some more 2gether kind of romance feels, there are more shows for you to watch. And in case you find it hard to choose which one to go with first, don't worry, we have picked out our fave boys love series for you:

1. Love by Chance

This 2018 series about a rich university student who's too scared to admit he's gay until he met a boy who appears different from the others offers up a closer look into the harsh reality that LGBTQ people are facing. We suggest everyone to give it a chance just as much as those who have a thing for BL series.

Courtesy: Studio Wabi Sabi

2. TharnType

With a dark past involving a man, young Tharn grows up to be homophobic but got swept up in confusion when he becomes roommates with a gay. Isn't it interesting to witness how one person can change the way you see life and heal your heart, at the same time? 

Courtesy: TharnType TheSeries

3. 2 Moons

Truth be told, we can never say no to bullies-turned-lovers tales just like this series focusing on a freshman student who got picked on by his longtime love after deciding to be the "Moon" or the representative of their campus. He did it to get his attention and who knows, it might be worth it?

Courtesy: 2Moons The Series

4. Why R U?

If you still don't believe that opposites attract, then maybe this love story between impressively smart-for-his-age Tutor and emotional type Fighter can clear your doubt. It also features another couple on the side, Zon and Safiah, if you prefer less drama and just cutesy romance.

Courtesy: WHYRU Channel

5. Dark Blue Kiss

Tackling every facet of dating such as trust, jealousy, and willingness to commit already makes this series worth a shot. It revolves around three couples who deliver realistic takes on getting into a relationship including the roller coaster of emotions. Surely, it has enough romance to sustain your appetite.

Courtesy: GMMTV 

6. Sotus

You fell for Meteor Garden in 2001? Then it wouldn't be a surprise if you will fall for this one, too, for this 2016 Thai romance. It gives us the similar genre where a senior abuses his power over those in lower years and meets someone who's brave enough to stand against him. Hooked? See, that's what we mean.

Courtesy: GMMTV 

As die-hard romantics, it's easy for us to be drawn into just any love stories, so it's only a logical next step to put these shows on our must-watch list. You'll definitely get the same kilig feels you have with Sarawat and Tine. You can blame us if you don't.

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