4 Lessons We Can Learn From MayWard's Friendship

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 09, 2020


Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have been together for years - as a loveteam and best of friends. Sure, we're shipping the two, waiting for them to take their romance off-camera and become official. They haven't, though. Even so, we're still counting them as one of our real-life relationship goals.

How come? Simply because they are honest about their feelings. What you see is what you get. And from the very beginning, MayWard made it clear that they're special to each other, yet both aren't ready to give real-life love a try, and we're not even a bit upset. In fact, we're learning a lot from what they have. Here are some of our takeaways:

1. We shouldn't rush into love. Just because you think your chances are high doesn't necessarily mean you have to it a go. Think about the things and people that might be affected. Can you handle the changes? Are you ready for the aftermath? Take things slow no matter how long you've known each other and been working together like MayMay and Edward. Remember, perfect timing is worth waiting for.
















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2. We can love without labels. You can make an effort, fall in love, and show concern for someone even without the "she's my girlfriend" pass. Nothing should define your feelings nor stop you to feel that way. It's just either you love someone or not. Not being official can also give both parties chance to still commit to yourselves and prepare for a future where the two of you are more mature enough to handle a relationship. We're glad that labels don't bind MayMay and Edward, and we're here for it!
















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3. A boy and a girl can be just friends. We know it's common for two friends of opposite sexes to develop feelings for each other, but let's also not shrug it off when they say that they are nothing but best of friends. Because, believe it or not, relationships can be platonic. Ship, but stop forcing your fairytale to happen. If they want to take it to the next level or really want to keep what they have now, then let them have the call.
















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4. There is so much more to do in life. Take advantage of the days while you're still young. We are all aware of the long list of goals you have with you and, as much as possible, you want to tick every item off it, right? So focus on doing so and do the dating later on. Wouldn't it be happier to be in a relationship when you're satisfied with yourself? But, okay, having someone to cheer you on the side while at it could work too as long as you know what your main priorities are, and that's what it's like for our fave power tandem MayWard. 
















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It's great to see our fave couples turn from reel to real, but MayWard have shown us that there's also beauty in staying friends. And whenever or if ever they decide to change course, we'll just be here supporting them.

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