TXT & BEBE REXHA's Instagram Live Session Was A Blast — See Our Fave Moments!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 08, 2020

Tomorrow X Together, especially Soobin, might be the happiest fanboys today after finally meeting Bebe Rexha!

The two acts held an Instagram live session and it was totally a blast. We're actually rewatching it now but in case you want to know, here are our favorite moments:

1. When Bebe told TXT that she still needs a couple more songs for her album and asked if they perhaps could collab... We can't forget the look on the boys' faces!

2. When Hueningkai seemingly gave a spoiler on when their next album is coming out... Hope he's not clowning us.

3. When Bebe asked the quintet this question: "Do you have girlfriends?"

4. When TXT went wildin' while Bebe was on the comment section asking them to accept her call so she can join the live... Peak comedy!

5. When Bebe said "I love you" and then there was Soobin... The cutest!

6. When Soobin still had a question for Bebe but she already left the live so Soobin just tweeted it instead... Protect this bb at all costs!

You can watch the full live here:

Courtesy: Bebe Rexha

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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