5 Times Mimiyuuuh Proved She's a True K-Pop Stan

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 06, 2020

In a world where vlogging has almost become everybody's source of entertainment, there's no way Filipinos would never know the name of Mimiyuuuh. What made us say so? Well, with all the struggles and drama that we all face everyday, having our local jeje girl's effortlessly relatable and hilarious videos as a happy pill means so much.

That's why Mimiyuuuh has found herself a fandom made up of people of various ages, genders, and even musical taste such as, yes, K-pop stans - a family that the YouTube personality is a certified member of. Scroll through for major proofs!

1. Mimiyuuuh flipped out when Girls' Generation's Tiffany Young recreated her iconic "Dalagang Pilipina" pose. In October of last year, a fellow Filipino fan who attended the Korean songstress' tour in Canada asked the latter to do the pose and she willingly agreed to. Sone Mimiyuuuh made it!

2. She nailed K-pop choreos. Mimiyuuuh knows the moves to our ultimate second, third, and fourth gen girl groups namely SNSD's "Genie," f(x)'s "LA chA TA," Twice's "Feel Special" and recently Itzy's "Wannabe." And it's just what she has shown us so far. We bet she can do boy group hits, too. Stream her fancam!

3.  Blackpink is definitely in her area. No way she'll miss a chance to give the quartet a shoutout - from calling their album "fiyah (fire)" to giving "Kill This Love" her own rendition in her vlogs. Just so you know, she also has BP's merch. Where are her Blink moots at?

4. She knows what to do when a K-pop song comes on. Look no further for a perfect representation of yourself when your fave plays on the radio or when you just hear it out in public than Mimiyuuuh. She is all of us!

5. Mimiyuuuh loves her fellow K-pop stans. She's aware of the slur made against fans of Korean music and the side-eyeing we have to go through just because people are judging our taste in music. Thank goodness Mimiyuuuh came in behalf of us to end it all and fight for K-pop stan rights!

You really can tell when someone is an OG stan and, ghorl, Mimiyuuuh is definitely one. We appreciate her even more for being vocal for the idols that she loves yet not dragging those she's not a fan of. Stan like your gurl. SKRRRT!

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