UPDATED: JYJ's KIM JAEJOONG Says COVID-19 Post Is An April Fools' Joke

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 01, 2020

.JYJ member Kim Jaejoong earlier posted that he has been infected with COVID-19.
















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His original Instagram post reads, "I was infected with the Corona 19 virus. It was my carelessness, ignoring everything that the government has warned about. My personal behavior has a big impact on the society as a whole and for those who have been infected by me, I am sorry again."

The K-Pop idol added that he's currently in the hospital. His agency C-JeS Entertainment said they only learned about it through his IG post.














저는 코로나19호 바이러스에 감염됐습니다. 정부로부터, 주변으로부터 주의 받은 모든 것들을 무시한 채 생활한 저의 부주의였습니다. 개인의 행동이 사회 전체에 끼치는 영향이 얼아나큰지.. 저로 인해 또 감염됐을 분들에게 미안한 마음뿐입니다. 나는 아니겠지라는 마음으로 지내왔던 바보 같은 판단이  지금의 나를 만들어 버렸습니다. 한 병원에서 입원해있습니다. 많은 과거를 회상하며 감사함과 미안함이 맴돕니다 하고 싶은 이야기가 너무 많아요.. 너무 많은 사람들이 보고 싶어요..

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However, a few minutes after the news broke, Jaejoong edited his post and said it was only an April Fools' Joke meant to spread awareness about the seriousness of the crisis.

"I know that an April Fools' joke like this is very much over the line. But within a very short time, many people sent their worries for me," he explained. "This is definitely not just someone else' business. I wanted to get across the fact that protecting yourself is something that is protecting everyone around you."

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