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Posted at April 01, 2020

Several transwomen have taken to social media to slam multimedia artist Sam Morales over her alleged catfishing scheme.

Among those who have called out Sam include celebrities and influencers like Bela Padilla, Alex Gonzaga, and Mimiyuuuh.


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For instance, Alex warned her followers that it's usually "fraud" if someone you meet online refuses to meet with you or go on video call. "To anyone reading this.. basta ang ka-chat or katext mo di nakipagkita within a month or Video call man lang na sabay kayo dalawa pareho nakikita at naguusap sa screen.. it’s fraud," she said in a tweet.

However, she had to explain her earlier statement after some netizens misconstrued it as victim-blaming. She said, "Please don't misinterpret my warning to my followers to shade people experiencing this 'coz this is a modus where people invest emotions and sometimes hard earned money. May ibang kaso ako alam may malaking pera na involved. Let's always be vigilant that this is happening."

Meanwhile, Bela responded to her tweets, saying "This isn't always the case, Alex. The victims of these situations are kept in a bubble, so perfect, that they wouldn't want to leave. One month will feel like a day when they condition you to think that you're in love and loved."

She also pointed out that Jzan Vern, the transwoman who first exposed the catfishing scheme, might be downplaying her pain. "But let's get this straight, whether she was marupok or not, she didn't deserve to be manipulated. Jzan wasnt being dumb. Stop thinking she shouldve been smarter. This isnt a basic love story," she wrote.

Later on, the On Vodka, Beers and Regrets actress made it clear to fans that she and Alex aren't fighting and that she was "just covering areas she didnt cover with her tweet." She continued in another tweet, "And Jzan I hope you see the support and love available for you, not by people who you told your story to but chose to walk away & hurt you, but by people here who you don't know but want the best for you anyway."

Meanwhile, Mimiyuuuh called for her friends in the fashion industry to boycott Sam. She wrote in all caps, "Don't hire Sam Morales!!! Let her suffer!!! Jzan deserves better!!! Let's protect our trans family!!!"

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