6 Celebs Who Can Inspire You To Workout While in Quarantine

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at April 01, 2020

Apart from maintaining good hygiene, staying at home, getting adequate rest, regularly drinking water, taking vitamins, and having a healthy diet, another way to enhance your immune system against illnesses is to exercise. Finding the time to do it can be a real challenge but what excuse do you have now that we're in quarantine?

Not even the "all gyms are closed" can help you get away because definitely, working out can be done at home. There's no reason to think twice, even celebrities are taking advantage of this time to go for that indoor workout routine. Get inspired to be active with them below:

1. Maris Racal
Who says exercising needs a ton of equipment? Maris pulls the agenda just right at home in her on-point gym outfit. You just have to lay the perfect at-home workout plan, and you're good to go. You can do it to bond with your fam, too!
















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2. Kim Chiu
Healthy mind is healthy body for our Chinita Princess, so here she goes nailing the 1000 Jump Challenge while at home. It's also her way of losing those unwanted belly fats and beat those boring quarantine days. What's even better about indoor exercise is you can do it at your own pace!
















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3. Robi Domingo
It's no secret that Robi is a gym regular. You'll know if you follow his social media and an avid viewer of his blogs. As expected, he still tries to continue his sessions even while in quarantine. But this actor-host-VJ's choice of workout routine isn't a regular one. It's inspired by anime series One-Punch Man character Saitama. Senpai realness!
















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4. Edward Barber
Just so you know, it was Robi who got to convince Edward to sign up to a fitness club. And ever since, you'll never catch him slipping from his active mode! He mentioned before that he's not planning to get buff, but it's enough knowing that he's doing it to be healthy. You should, too!
















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5. Ylona Garcia
Ylona got herself some space at home so she's making use of it productively. On sight is the songstress building those leg muscles and some booty strength. We hope her toned body can get you moving and do even a number of squats instead of lying in bed for 24 hours straight.
















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6. Xian Lim
Not a month-long community quarantine can put Xian's physical activity to a halt. He has a few instruments at home and that just leaves him even more motivated to keep up on his full-body exercise. He has got to maintain that good bod after all this, you know!
















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With the health crisis we're facing right now, exercising has definitely proven itself more than just about achieving that summer body goals. We all better be stronger enough to fight off the virus. And FYI, we won't be accepting "no" for an answer. Let's get moving!

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