These Medical Shows Will Make You Appreciate Health Workers Even More

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 31, 2020

It's no secret that the world has entered the crisis mode. But this global turmoil doesn't mean your life should be put at a standstill. Continue on stepping up by staying at home, following precautions, keeping a healthy body, and protecting yourself as well as your family from the pandemic. It's also worth having in mind that doing so can be our way of hailing the efforts of COVID-19 frontliners.

Doctors and other medical workers are among these real-life heroes. Some may say it's a given part of their job to care for the sick, but we can't take for granted the high risk that they're facing when it comes to still-incurable transmitted diseases like coronavirus. They should be appreciated and honored as much as we can while they're still alive. Maybe these medical series can get you to do that even without personal encounters:

1. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

This K-drama is about genius surgeon Master Kim who mentors young fellows to fall in love not only with each other but also with their job. It shows the physical and emotional challenges that doctors have to go through just to save patients - no matter how critical the situations they're in. Its two seasons are both a must-see.

Courtesy: KOCOWA TV 

2. Hospital Ship

The best thing about this medical Korean series is that it somewhat hits right on reality. Telling the story of a group of health workers in a floating hospital that goes to a remote island where there's no access to proper medical care, it'll make you realize that with a country's shortcomings, doctors struggle to cope, too.

Courtesy: MBCdrama 

3. Descendants of the Sun

Not entirely a medical show but DOTS undoubtedly captures the life threats that doctors have to deal with everyday. More than the romance, there's the plot of surgeon Kang Mo Yeon who was sent to a war-stricken country. See, some doctors fly across the world to save lives without assurance if they can save theirs.

Courtesy: KBS World

4. Grey's Anatomy

You won't see a list of medical dramas without this decade-long American TV show. It follows the lives of hospital professionals as they get involved in life-changing and heart-breaking situations with their patients. Contrary to others' belief, doctors are humans after all. They get hurt, and they cry, too.

Courtesy: ABC 

5. The Good Doctor

Renewed for it's fourth season, The Good Doctor is definitely an eye-opener with its unique tale about autistic surgeon Shaun Murphy who, despite being mentally-challenged, works on to prove himself worthy to be inside the operating room. In other words, doctors might not be perfect, but they're exceptionally brillant in their own ways, too.

Courtesy: ABC 

6. 9-1-1

This US television series has been around since 2018, and, though it's not hospital-oriented, it still gives a glimpse on the encounters of the paramedic team or the first medical responders during emergencies. These people out on the road are also entitled of the same level of recognition because their job demanding of swift actions is no joke.

Courtesy: TV Promos 

These frontliners shouldn't be denied of respect and protection the same way that they don't deny us of care and attention. For all the sacrifices you're making in the battle against COVID-19, we salute you!

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