6 Wanderlust-Filled Local MVs That Will Take You on a Trip While on Self-Quarantine

6 Wanderlust-Filled Local MVs That Will Take You on a Trip While on Self-Quarantine

Mariel Abanes

Posted at March 26, 2020

An early summer break is, normally, news that would make students jump with glee. Not this year, though—with the COVID-19 outbreak making it impossible to even step outside our houses to meet and hangout with anyone. With travel plans ruined and all our time spent indoors, hearing the waves crash on the shore as you get a tan under the sun or getting lost in a new city is an escapade we can’t afford for now.

But it doesn’t mean that we can’t spark our thirst for adventure as we go through several weeks of bumming at home! Good thing the internet is our best friend during these times, so we’ve compiled six music videos from your favorite homegrown artists that will take us on that canceled holiday trip without leaving the comforts of your home. Hop on and explore the great outdoors, complete with music that turns that ultimate summer vibe on!

"Fools" by The Ransom Collective
The six-piece band goes on an exciting treasure hunt adventure—with the beautiful backdrop of the sandy beaches and forest of Zambales. Their journey takes you on a day trip searching for clues to locate their stolen instruments and, eventually, to a bonfire where the members perform "Fools" under the stars. It reminds us of those camping nights with the whole gang!


"Wildwood" by Reese Lansangan
This 3-month-old music video features the songstress in ordinary, everyday places. This Tagaytay-shot video is like a low-key vacation, riding the scooter, finishing a book, and visiting a theme park. Watching Reese with the background of the highlands (and eating a popsicle!) leaves us singing, “I know I'm happy now.”


"Languyin" by Autotelic

Sometimes, we find love in unexpected places. The "Languyin" music video shares this narrative—through a roadtrip to surftown Baler. Relive late afternoons of riding your board and walking along the shore as you join its characters discover their way to each other. 


"Aurora Sunrise" by Franco

And since we’re in the area, Franco’s "Aurora Sunrise" showcases exactly that. And the track says it all! The great blue sea, tree-lined roads, the rocks and mountains, clear skies, surfers in action, and, of course, the sun in the horizon, are beautifully captured in this 5-minute music video. Bonus: Beach dogs!


"Sigurado" by UDD
For those missing the busy streets of Tokyo, UDD’s "Sigurado" will fly you out to this energizing city! With the Terrace House star Mizuki Shida serving as your virtual tour guide, the music video flaunts a full-day itinerary in Shibuya and its nearby areas—wandering through alleys, checking out vintage items and records, sampling on Japanese food, strolling in a park, going to a karaoke hub, drinking in a nice bar, and enjoying the city lights at night. Romantic!

"Di Bale Na" by Keiko Necesario 
Keiko brings us to two places frequented by most—La Union and Baguio City. The video opens with a view of the beach, and later on leads viewers to the lush landscapes of the City of Pines. From cabin-like houses to shabby cafes and ukay-ukay and back to the beach, it feels like a run down our memory lane of childhood trips up north.

It's okay to feel sad about those cancelled trips, but remember that this too shall pass. One day, we'll get to bask in the sun, run against the waves, and be one with the world again. But, in the meantime, let's keep safe and humor ourselves with the scenic music videos above!

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