How To Stay Connected With Friends While In Quarantine

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 27, 2020


Obviously, we are all stuck in our own homes now due to the coronavirus pandemic and to be fair, we are starting to find the good side of it - lessened pollution, lower crime rates, improved family time, extended time to rest, and, more importantly, it brought people working together for one common goal: Combat COVID-19.

Still, it's difficult to turn a blind eye on the lows of the situation. Like for instance, being concerned over the no-work-no-pay policy, uncertainty of food access, and delayed graduation. This isolation also tests our social lives. It's not petty, everyone absolutely needs friends to steer our thoughts from boredom and loneliness. But how, when we're separated by distance? Here are a few simple tricks to stay connected:

1. Online quiz

It's during this quarantine when we appreciate the magic of the internet more than ever. To keep you updated on your friends' life happenings - even though you're both just staying in - or to make your catch-ups more exciting, try the online quiz generators that the web has to offer. Take for example where you can challenge your squad how well they know you!

2. Bingo

Still on the topic of online games, why not give in to the bingo challenge that everbody has been doing all over social media now? Either you answer what's already roaming around Insta or make your own templates, just don't forget to tag all your friends to get to know them better, too!

3. Instagram tagging spree

For sure you've been tagged to one of these things and were asked to continue the thread with your graduation photo, latest selfie, a picture with your beau or favorite beach snap. It's time to join the fun, and, in case you don't know how, we got your back: Add story - adjust size - select photo from gallery - screenshot - crop - back to IG - tap anywhere - click dots on the upper right - clipboard - photo - post. Voila!

4. Video game

We can't blame you if you've been sitting in front of your computer playing video games all throughout this quarantine especially if that's really your thing or if you've been deprived of it due to workloads. For added fun, play with your BFF who shares the same interest as you. Animal Crossing, PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite... The online world is never too short of something for you.

5. FaceTime/Zoom Party

Who says you can't have a happy hour? That's what your phone and video chat applications are here for. Call them - yes "them" because technology allows you to be connected with the whole squad - and do whatever you all want to do together. Party, sing along, drink, binge-watch together, or simply chat and hang out just like you normally do.

Be responsible by doing what's expected of you - stay indoors. But that doesn't mean you should let yourself go insane by enduring the long distance friendship because there's definitely a lot of ways you can make it work!

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